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Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Lite

You choose the instrument mix

You play, it fills in for missing musicians

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Contemporary backing tracks for worship

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What is MultiTrack Lite (1.5)?

Our original easy-to-use software player and downloadable Multitracks

Each song has 14 individually mixable instrument stems 

Designed for use in live worship for churches with missing musicians. 
Please note we are no longer releasing new songs in Lite format. New customers are advised to instead purchase the Pro Wav Player. 



  • Mac and PC versions 
  • Key change - change to ANY key
  • Tempo change - faster or slower
  • Instant song loading with no caching
  • Mute any combination of instruments in the mix 
  • 14 intrument stems per song including lead and background vocals
  • Two independent mixes, one for band and one for congregation 
  • Click track, shaker click, intro click and spoken word vocal cue 
  • Output via computer’s headphone socket – no other hardware or software needed 
  • 120+ individually downloadable songs (archive only – no new songs being added)

Simplest, best value multitrack solution on the market

Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Lite is the simplest and best value solution for churches that want to play modern worship songs but don’t have a full band. It's an extremely simple-to-use Mac & PC downloadble software player with our custom backing tracks that let you choose any combination of instruments to appear in the mix and even change the key and tempo to suit your needs. However do be aware Lite is our OLD player and we are no longer releasing new songs in Lite format. New customers are advised to purchase the Pro Wav Player instead.


So if your band only has a keyboard and guitar you can mute those instruments on the backing track and leave in the drums, bass, electric guitars etc and play along. You can even leave in the lead vocals if you like or adjust the volume of any instrument to suit your worship team’s makeup. Coming soon is a feature which will enable you to repeat sections of the song. There will be a deal for existing customers who wish to additionally purchase the new player.


The player is very easy to use. In fact it’s designed for people who aren’t technically minded and want to get on with playing music, not learning software. So don’t worry if you’re not familiar with ProTools, Ableton, Garageband etc, this player is WAY simpler to use than all of those. If you’re comfortable with the usual play, stop, volume & mute type functions on any standard remote control you’ll be right at home. 


There are some really useful features; like the ability to change the songs' key and/or tempo, selectable click tracks and vocal cues to remind you of key lyrics and song structure, a 2-bar intro click and two separate mixes. One for the congregation and a fold back mix for the band, each allowing you to choose any combination of instruments. Perfect if you want to use the click tracks & vocal cues just for the band, or even mute the lead vocal out front but keep a little in the foldback to help you sing confidently.

You don't need any special hardware or additional software to run it. Simply download the song you want from the Worship Backing Band website, drag it into your play list, mix/mute the instruments already in your band and hit play.


We also have a Multi-user license available.


NEW MultiTrack Pro Wav Player

The Lite Player was our original MultiTrack Player. Most new customers now purchase the new Pro Wav Player which has more functionality than in the Lite (1.5) version such as the ability to loop and repeat sections, upload your own wavs and a lot more. 


Foot pedals

If you want to use a pedal with the MultiTrack Player for total hands-free operation simply buy one of the many keystroke based USB foot pedals and simply assign the foot switch to activate the space bar. We particularly like the robust Scythe foot pedals


Customer Feedback

Over on the Worship Backing Band Facebook Page Eric Simpson said “Had a play around and is FANTASTIC! The ability to change key & speed hits the mark” He also said that the speed is “Massively improved“.

Ken Granger said Love the tempo and key change“.

Charmaine Wistad said We have re-installed the new version with jump feature. THANK YOU! We used it quite a lot in rehearsal.” (We’ve also enabled another NEW FEATURE in the player which is the ability to instantly jump to a new song section. This is a really helpful feature for band rehearsals where you need to practice particular sections of songs.)


Kevin Wilbur said The tempo and key change options are great, as well as the load times for songs! Thank you to you and the whole WBB crew who have put so much time and effort into creating a great product like this.  You are a blessing!”

Rae Runge said “Thanks so much for listening and making a great product even better!!!”

Clifton Worley said: “To fellow worship leaders…This is an incredible tool. You need to check this out. If you have looked at the prices of multi-track stems before, you will know this is CHEAP!”


For more information see our FAQs.


For detailed instructions on installation and use, see our picture guides -  How To Guide - PC and How To Guide - MAC.