Compare the worship backing track product options
MultiTrack Pro Wav Player MultiTrack Pro Stems Video Split Tracks Backing Track DVDs

Technical skill needed

Hardware needed

Software needed



MultiTrack Pro Wav
Player (£49.99)

High for Ableton,
Low for Pro Wav Player

PC or Mac

MultiTrack Pro
Wav Player, Ableton
or any DAW


PC, Mac, Ipod, Ipad

Itunes, Quicktime,
Windows Media
Player, Powerpoint etc

Very Low

DVD player or PC/
Mac.Vols 2, 3 & 4 can also
use iPod,iPad,
smartphone & Powerpoint


Can you buy tracks individually?

How are purchased
songs received?


Songs available

Multiple songs users /

Is there a free MultiTrack of
the month?



WAV (high def audio)

250+ and growing
Plus use third party wavs 





WAV for Pro Wav Player
+ Ableton session
for DAW

250+ and growing





MP4 (video)

170+ and growing


Physical product




Can you loop song sections?

Can you jump forwards or
backwards to any song
section in perfect time?

Can you change key?

Can you change tempo?

Can you use a foot pedal to
loop/jump to song sections?

Can you change the song
structure in advance?

Can you jump to any
song section?





  (any USB keystroke
foot pedal))   

 Via DAW software 






  (any MIDI controller)   

 Via DAW software 


Are there lead and
backing vocals?

On-screen words?

Can you create play lists?

Can you mix/adjust
vocal levels?

Can you mix/adjust
instrument levels?

Can you solo any instrument
combination on the fly?

Can you import your own
instrument parts or drum
loops into WBB songs ?

Can you create your own
custom arrangements ?

Can you import your own
songs or any other WAV
based multi track song files

Separate foldback and
front-of-house mixes?

More than 2 monitor mixes?

Optional click track?

Spoken word audio cue for

Instrument stems















 (use video split tracks
in Ableton)





 (using a DAW)  




 (via hardware
controller in Ableton)  











 Vols 2,3 & 4.  

   Vol 1 on/off. Vols 2,3,4
fully mixable vocals.


Relative Price
$$$$ $$$$ $$ $


We also have a helpful flow chart to help you decide which option is best for you.