EveryKey Chord Charts and Lead Sheets for Worship

The missing link between chord charts and lead sheets, all for non music readers!

  • 12 PDF chord charts per song, one for every key (+ a Nashville Numbers chart)
  • Chords and lyrics arranged across 4 bar sections, under beat counts
  • Clear, easy-to-follow segmented song sections
  • A suggested song structure (Int, V1, Ch 1, V2, Bridge etc) 
  • Structure precisely mirrors Worship Backing Band's MultiTracks
  • Strumming pattern and 5 capo charts (G E D C A shapes) for guitarists
  • Web link to easy-to-play guitar chord diagrams for all open capo keys (G E D C A)
Super Chords

Super Chord Charts

Super chord charts are an older format and a little different. Take a look at an interactive sample here. Run your mouse over the chart to have the different areas explained.

Each super chord chart features:

  • The entire song on a single sheet (a second complete sheet for capo chords)
  • The song title, key and capo fret positioning
  • Each song part clearly divided into easy-to-follow sections
  • Bar lines between words
  • Exact intro and outro sequences
  • A breakdown and map of the song structure
  • Notes on when instruments drop in and out
  • Chord diagrams of recommended chord shapes that sound best with that song
  • A rhythm guide complete with acoustic guitar strumming pattern, bass groove and drum groove