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Abide With Me (two versions including Matt Redman's contemporary arrangement)      
Alive P      
Always P      
A New Hallelujah     NewBG
Above All B G D SLB2
Agnus Dei (Hallelujah for the Lord God the Almighty)     WKC, BD, WGC
All Because of Jesus P      
All The Poor and Powerless P      
All Who Are Thirsty (Brenton Brown) P      
All Over The World        
Amazing Grace (My Sins Are Gone)     NewBG, WGC, IAG (trad), VBS (trad), BK3 (trad)
Amazing Love (You Are My King)   G    
Ancient of Days   G D WKC
Angels We Have Heard on High/Angels From The Realms of Glory (carol)        
At Your Name (Phil Wickham, Tim Hughes) P      
Awaken the Dawn (Sing to the Lord)          
Awesome God* P      
Beautiful News P     AB
Beautiful One G   SLG1, HBV2, BK4, BB, BD, AK, AB, NewBG
Beautiful Things*      
Because Of Your Love P   G D  
Before the Throne*       IAG, WBC
Be My Everything   G D HBV1, WKC
Be Thou My Vision* P P      
Better is One Day     BG 1, WGC
Blessed Be Your Name* K G D BG 2, IG3, IEG, BB, BD, AK, HBV1
Blessing Honour P      
Break Every Chain*      
Breathe (This is the Air I Breathe) V    
Broken Vessels* P      
Build Your Kingdom Here* P      
Came to My Rescue*      
Cannons* P      
Christ is Enough* P      
Christ is Risen*      WBC
Christmas Offering* (carol) P      
Come As You Are* P      
Crown Him (Majesty)*      
Come Let Us Return      
Come Now is the Time*     BK2, BD
Consuming Fire (There Must Be More)     PBE, IB, AB
Days of Elijah   G D  
Desert Song   G D  
Draw Me Close      
Emmanuel (Advent Hymn)* P      
Enough (All of You is More than Enough)   G D  
Everlasting God* B G   IEG, PBE, SLG2, IK, BB, SLB3, ID, AK, HBV1, AB
Everything (Be My Everything)   G D WKC, HBV1
Extravagant Worship     IEG
Faithful One     HBV2, IK, OI
Famous One   G D HBV2, AB
Forever (From the Rising/Give Thanks to the Lord)   G D BG 1, IK, HBV1, OI
Forever (We Sing Hallelujah)* (Bethel) P      
Forever Reign   G D WGC
Freedom* P      
Friend of God   G D WGC
From The Inside Out   G D HBV2
Furious* P P P      
Give Me Faith* P      
Giver of Life      
Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)     WGC
Glory to God Forever   G D  
God I Look to You* P      
God is Able*      
God of This City   G D  WBC
God of Wonders   B   BG1, BSL1, HBV1
God's Great Dance Floor      
Good Good Father* P P P      
Great Are You Lord* P      
Great Is Thy Faithfulness     WKC, WBC
Great I Am*      
Hallelujah - Your Love is Amazing      
Happy Day* B G D IEG, HBV2, BSL1, OI, WKC
Hark The Herald Angels Sing* (carol) P      
He Is Faithful* P      
Heart of Worship*      
Here for You*      WBC
Here I am to Worship (Light of the World) G G D BG 1, PBE, SLG2, VBS, BK2, BB, IB, BD, WGC
Highest and the Greatest     BD
Holy Is The Lord B K G   IEG, BSL1, AK, HBV1, AB
Holy Spirit (Jesus Culture)* P      
Hosanna P   G D IEG, AK, HBV1
Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)     BB, BD, AB, NewBG, WKC
How Can I Keep From Singing   G D BD, WKC, WBC
How Deep The Father's Love For Us K G   SLG3, WBC
How Great Is Our God* B K G G D SLG1, HBV2, VBS, IK, BB, BSL1, AB
How Great Thou Art     BK3, VBS, WKC
How He Loves     NewBG
Hungry (Falling On My Knees)     HBV2, IB, AK, AB
I Am* P      
I Am Free*      
I Am Not Alone* P      
I Can Only Imagine      
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever G G D  
I Lift My Hands*      
I Love Your Presence*      
I Surrender* P      
I Will Choose To Praise You        
I Will Follow*      
I Will Rise   G D  
I Will Worship (You Are Worthy of My Praise)        
In Christ Alone B K G   IEG, SLG1, HBV2, VBS, BSL1, AK, OI
Indescribable B K G   HBV2, SLG2, BSL2, BD, AK, NewBG
It Is Well WIth My Soul (Redman)* P      
It's Your Love      WBC
I've Found A Love (Love Came Down)* P      
Jesus at the Center* P      
Jesus Meet Me       PBE
Jesus Messiah*   G D WKC, WGC
Jesus Paid it All     WGC
Jesus Saves (Hope is Here)*      
Jesus Son of God* P      
Joyful Joyful* (carol)      
Joy To The World* (carol)      
King of Heaven* P      
Lay Me Down* P      
Lead Me*      
Lead Me to the Cross     WGC, WBC
Let God Arise   G D WGC, WBC
Alive* P      
Let Him Reign* P      
Like A Lion (God's Not Dead)*      
Lord I Come to You (The Power of your Love)      
Lord I Give You My Heart (This is My Desire)   G D  
Lord I Lift Your Name on High* P      
Lord I Need You* P      
Lord Let Your Glory Fall* G   SLG3, BD, AB
Lord Reign in Me (Over All The Earth)     BK1, ID
Lost In Wonder (You Chose the Cross)*      
Love Came Down (Kari Jobe/Bethel)      
Love Come Down      
Love The Lord*      
Love Ran Red (At The Cross)* P      
Man of Sorrows* P      
Mighty To Save*   G D IEG, AK, HBV1
My Heart is Yours* P P P      
My Jesus My Saviour      
My Soul Finds Rest (Psalm 62) G    
My Soul Sings     NewBG
My Soul Yearns        
Never Once* (Matt Redman)        
No Longer Slaves* P P P      
No Reason To Hide      
Nothing But The Blood (Your Blood) G G D HBV2, SLG3
Nothing Is Impossible* P        
Offering (inc Christmas Offering)*     SLB2
Open The Eyes Of My Heart     NewBG, WKC
O Come All Ye Faithful* (carol)        
O Come Oh Come Emmanuel* (carol)        
O Holy Night* (carol)        
Oh Praise Him     WGC, WBC
Oh The Deep Deep Love of Jesus (The Sailor's Song)*      
One Thing Remains*      
Only King Forever* P P P      
Only Your Love* P P P      
Open Up The Heavens* P      
Open Up Our Eyes* P        
O The Blood* P      
Our God     NewBG, WKC
Our God Saves   G D WKC, WGC
Over the Mountains and the Sea P G   SLG1, VBS
Peace Has Come* P      
Purify My Heart*      
Revelation Song*   G D WKC
Running After You* P      
Say So   G D WBC
Send Revival, Start With Me*      
Set A Fire* P      
Silent Night* (carol)  P    
Sing Sing Sing*   G D  
Sing To The King      , WBC
Sinking Deep* P      
So Great      
So Near*      
Sovereign Over Us* (Aaron Keyes)        
Spirit Break Out* P      
Surrender*     IEG
Sweetly Broken*      
10,000 Reasons*   G D WGC, WBC
The Creed (This I Believe)* P      
Tell the World* (Christmas song)     Free chart   G D AK, AB
Thank You For Saving Me     G D AK, AB
There Is A King* P      
The Great I Am P      
The First Noel* (carol) P    
The Highest And The Greatest      
The Lord Our God* P      
The Power of the Cross     WKC, WGC, WBC
The Power of Your Love*      
There is a King* P      
The Sailor's Song (Oh The Deep Deep Love of Jesus)        
The Stand   G D WKC
The Wonderful Cross K G   SLG3, SLB3
This Is Amazing Grace P      
This Is How We Know      
This is Our God*  P      
This Kingdom*        
Today is The Day*      
To Our God* (Bethel)        
Touch The Sky* P      
Waiting Here For You*        
Wake* P P P      
We Are The Free* P        
We Believe* P      
We Fall Down G   SLG1, VBS
We Must Go (God of Justice)*     OI
What the Lord has Done in Me   G D  
Whole World In His Hands (When All Around is Fading)* B   SLB3
Whom Shall I Fear*      
You (Bigger Than The Air I Breathe)*       AB
You Alone Can Rescue   G D WKC, WGC, WBC
You Are*     HBV1
You Are Good* P      
You Are My All in All      
You Are My King (Amazing Love) G G D SLG2
You Chose the Cross (Lost in Wonder)      
You Hold Me Now      WBC
You Make Me Brave* P      
You Never let Go (Even Though I Walk) B   IB, SLB2, HBV1, WKC
You'll Come   G D  WBC
You're Worthy of My Praise (I Will Worship)        
Your Blood (Nothing But The Blood) G    
Your Grace Finds Me* P      
Your Grace Is Enough     NewBG, WKC
Your Great Name*      
Your Love is Amazing     IB
Your Love Never Fails   G D WGC, WBC
Your Name     WGC, WBC
Your Presence is Heaven* P      
B=Bass, G=Guitar, D=Drums,
V=Vocals, K=Keys *=newer releases
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