Worship Backing Band DVD for Churches and Small Groups - Volume 1

Does your church want to have great times of worship together but you don’t have any musicians? 

Worship Backing Band Volume 1 is a single DVD featuring backing tracks for 35 contemporary worship songs with on-screen lyrics and fully mixable vocals. This means that you can set the vocals at zero all the way up to full depending on whether you have a confident lead singer yourself.

All designed for churches and small groups on a budget.

New features for this re-released Volume 1

  • Programmable play lists so you can choose the songs in advance and have them seamlessly flow from one to the next
  • As well as a TV/DVD, PC or Mac, you can rip the songs to an iPod, iPad, or smartphone

    Please note that the tracks from the DVDs cannot be downloaded or played in the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player.  

    See our MultiTrack Pro Wav Tracks to play in the Player.

Create your own playlists

You can either select the songs individually and quickly via the simple DVD menu system or make a playlist where one song automatically follows the next via any standard media player like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player etc.

Choose the level of vocals

You can mix the level of lead vocal from full to zero, or anywhere in between simply by adjusting the left/right audio balance on your your hifi, computer, mixing desk iPad or iPod. Full details of how to do this are given with the DVDs.


Buy it here with a 100% satisfaction moneyback guarantee. All these songs are also available as individual "SplitTrack" video downloads. Its a lot more expensive to buy them individually so if you're looking for best value - the DVD is the way to go.

Please note that the tracks from the DVDs cannot be downloaded or played in the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player.  

See our MultiTrack Pro Wav Tracks to play in the Player.

Track Listing

All Over The World - Matt Redman and Tim Hughes
Beautiful News - Matt Redman
Beautiful One - Tim Hughes
Befriended - Marc James
Blessing Honour - Eogham Heaslip
Come Let Us Return - Kevin Prosch
Consuming Fire (There Must Be More) - Tim Hughes
Everlasting God - Brenton Brown and Ken Riley
Everything - Tim Hughes
Extravagant Worship - Vicky Beeching
Faithful One - Brian Dorksen
Famous One - Chris Tomlin
Forever - Chris Tomlin
From The Inside Out - Joel Houston
Giver Of Life - Tim Hughes
Glorious - Chris Tomlin & Jesse Reeves
Happy Day - Tim Hughes & Ben Cantelon
Holy Is The Lord  - Louis Giglio & Chris Tomlin
Hosanna - Brooke Frazer
Hungry (Falling On My Knees) - Kathryn Scott
I Can Only Imagine - Bert Millard
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever - Martin Smith
Indescribable - Jesse Reeves & Laura Story
I've Found a Love (Love Came Down) - Ben Cantelon
Jesus Meet Me - Marc James
Living For Your Glory - Tim & Rachel Hughes
Lord I Come to You (The Power of your Love) - Geoff Bullock
Lord Let Your Glory Fall  - Matt Redman
Lost In Wonder (You Chose the Cross) - Martyn Layzell
My Soul Yearns - Sam Lane
Rescuer - Jonny Parks, Nick Herbet & Cathy Parks
Send Revival, Start With Me - Matt Redman
Surrender - Marc James
Sweetly Broken - Jeremy Riddle
The Highest And The Greatest  - Tim Hughes & Nick Herbert


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