Its always best to contact us first by email – you can normally expect a reply within 48 hours and often sooner.

You may also find your query is already dealt with by our FAQs


 [email protected] (for technical queries please see below before emailing us)

If you are trying to buy something and your card is being refused do first call your bank and check that there isn't a hold on your card (our bank is in the UK which can have an impact on transactions even though we charge in USD).

If you seem to be unable to progress through the website to buy and are using Internet Explorer, do try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

If you have a technical query, please first check out our FAQs, then email us with the following information:

  • Browser being used eg Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome (including the version of the browser)
  • Mac or PC
  • Nature of the problem, ideally with screen clips



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Write to:
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We try to get back to all enquiries within 48 hours with a personal response.

“Thank you for how helpful you always are when I have a question.  Your response time is amazing and I appreciate it.” Christy Stock, NY USA