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MultiTrack Worship Backing Tracks

Contemporary backing tracks for worship

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Worship Backing Band SplitTrack Video Downloads
Downloadable video backing tracks with on screen words
Worship Backing Band "Super" Chord Charts
Comprehensive chord charts including groove guide and lyrics for the most popular tracks
Worship Backing Band DVDs
54 easy to use backing tracks with onscreen words on 1 DVD
Video Lessons
Online lessons for guitar, bass & keyboard Vocals warm-ups

Does your church sometimes only have half a full band or even no band at all?

Do you need something to fill in for missing musicians?

The Worship Backing Band MultiTrack is a downloadable Mac or PC software player and backing tracks where you choose any instrument combination in the mix. So if your band only has keyboard and guitar you can mute those on the track and leave in and even mix the volume of the lead and backing vocals, drums, bass, electric guitar etc and play along.





FREE - MultiTrack Backing Track of the Month

Once you have bought the full version of the MultiTrack player (it's only $19.99) you can even download our FREE MultiTrack of the month. Over a year you will get 12 free tracks.



The Worship Backing Band range comprises:


The MultiTrack Player - the simplest solution for churches that don't have a full band. Hugely versatile with over 100 contemporary worship songs to choose from.


SplitTrack Video Downloads – downloadable video backing tracks with on-screen words and split track vocals. This means that you can choose the volume level of the vocal from 0 to full via your left/right audio balance so that you can hear either no vocals, a little vocals or a full vocal lead. Buy just the songs you need and order your own play lists.


Worship Backing Band DVDs - 54 songs with on-screen words and pre programmed play lists for churches and small groups without musicians. There’s also a version with on screen chords for musicians to use as practice tracks. The best value product for the number of songs but with the least functionality of all the product options.


Click through for a detailed comparison of the three backing track products.


Worship Backing Band is a sister company to Musicademy, the leading provider of instructional resources for musicians involved in worship. On this website you will find online Video Lessons from Musicademy as well as our popular vocals warm up exercises.