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  1. behold then sings my soul hillsong

    Behold (Then Sings My Soul) Hillsong

    Our version of Hillsong’s new take on the classic hymn. We’ve recorded it in the more congregational key of A and made it more usable as a multi track by avoiding the slowed down final verse. (We keep the feel by a clever use of dynamics but make it MUCH easier for a band to follow!)

  2. build my life housefires

    Build My Life (Housefires)

    We’ve reworked Housefire’s song to a congregationally friendly length of 4.45, as opposed to the more usual 8+ minutes. Of course if you would like a longer version simply use the MultiTrack Player to repeat song sections just as you would with a live band.

  3. Chain Breaker

    Chain Breaker

    Here is Zach Williams’ song Chain Breaker but recorded in the more congregationally friendly key of E. You can use the MultiTrack Player to change the key if you’d like. This works well particularly if you have your own vocalists and would like to adapt the track to suit their range.

  4. Jesus


    We’ve given the Worship Backing Band treatment to Chris Tomlin’s song keeping the arrangement as per the studio version but changed the key to G to make it more congregationally singable.

  5. Never Gonna Stop Singing

    Never Gonna Stop Singing (Jesus Culture)

    Newer worship songs like this Jesus Culture track often have EDM based arrangements, with parts that can be difficult to reproduce live. But because we’ve taken time to put each element into a playable instrument part, the MultiTrack stems are much easier for your worship team to learn and play along to.

  6. Tremble

    Tremble (Bethel/Essential)

    Our take on this Bethel/Essential song includes all the key song sections but cuts out some of the repeats and links to become a more congregationally friendly 4.45 minute arrangement. Of course you can still do the full length 8 min version if you want to by repeating and looping those sections in the Worship Backing Band player.

New Tracks
6 Products