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  1. Good Good Father (Housefires)

    Good Good Father (Housefires)

    We’ve put our version of Good Good Father in G to make it easily singable with plenty of big and small dynamic versions of each section so the song will follow your leading.

  2. O Come To The Altar (Elevation Worship)

    O Come To The Altar (Elevation Worship)

    We’ve tweaked this great Elevation track to make it more suitable for ‘normal’ sized congregations. So we’ve taken the key down from B to A, shortened some links, taken out an unneeded instrumental section and neatened up intros and outros to make them more suitable for a band to follow in MultiTrack format.

  3. Ten Thousand Reasons (Matt Redman)

    Ten Thousand Reasons (Matt Redman)

    Our band focused version of Matt Redman’s worship classic. More electric than the original acoustic version with plenty of first class instrument parts for your worship team to learn and use.

  4. The Lion and the Lamb

    The Lion and the Lamb

    Our version of this great song by Leeland and made popular by Bethel in the more congregationally singable key of Eb

  5. This is Amazing Grace (Bethel: Riddle, Farro, Wickham)

    This is Amazing Grace (Bethel: Riddle, Farro, Wickham)

    Our version closely follows the original studio arrangement of this highly congregational song.

  6. What A Beautiful Name (Hillsong)

    What A Beautiful Name (Hillsong)

    Our version of Hillong’s epic worship song What A Beautiful Name. We’ve captured all the elements in a more succinct four minute arrangement designed for small to medium sized congregations and all in the more singable key of Eb.

Top Tracks
6 Products