Tell The World (Tom Mills, Push Community)

Song: Tell The World
Writer: Tom Mills
Key: G
Track Length:3:38
BPM: 106
Recording: Tom Mills, PushMusicRecords
Label: PushMusicPublishing

The CCLI number is 7011906. It is very important that your CCLI administrator is aware that this is a song that will need marking on the CCLI usage return (like that the writer receives a fair share of CCLI royalties for song use).

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Check out the hilarious video that writer Tom Mills and his friends in the UK based ‘Push Community’ have put together to go with the song. It’s a fun little nod and a wink to various famous Christmas hit singles that we all know and (pretend not to) love. To be honest we’re not sure if all of them translate to both sides of the pond so you might want to google Wham, The Pogues, East 17 and Band Aid if they A) don’t look familiar, B) you’re too young to remember the 80’s or C) have subsequently done your best to block out all memories of 80’s music. 

The video features a certain  ex-Delirious drummer (also our backing track drummer) making a few cameo appearances. Please note that to ensure the MultiTrack is "congregational" we've produced an edited version without the rap and breakdown sections.


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