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What are SplitTrack Video Downloads?

Worship Backing Band SplitTrack Video Downloads are individual backing tracks to worship songs featuring onscreen words and "split track" vocals. This means that you can choose the volume level of the vocal from 0 to full via your left/right audio balance so that you can hear either no vocals, a little vocals or a full vocal lead.
The split track vocals mean that less confident singers (or indeed the rest of the band) can have the professional vocal line in their foldback so that they can hear where to come in and pitch more accurately. You can also adjust it so that your congregation hear the vocals as well.
There are on screen words for each song which come up in time with the music.
Where the downloads differ from our DVD product is that with the downloads you can easily create your own play lists using software such as ITunes.
Great for churches without a band or for small group worship times. Suitable for Mac, PC, IPad, IPod or Smart Phone.
We also have multi-user licenses available.

Sample SplitTrack Video Download


The song Indescribable available as a SplitTrack video download worship backing track.



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