Getting your worship songs into MultiTrack format

We are now being regularly asked if it is possible to put specific worship songs into the MultiTrack format. Now if the song in question is in the CCLI top 100 then its likely that we will get to recording it soon anyway. If, however, you have a more obscure request, or a song of your own that you would like MultiTracked then you can commission us to produce it for you.


If you already have a good quality recording of the song (recorded in a programme like Logic, CuBase or ProTools) then its relatively simple. You supply us the original "stems" to an agreed specification (we'll obviously let you know what this is). We then need to do a relatively complex piece of work which converts those stems to MultiTrack format. The price for this is £150 per song (about $250).


If you don't have a recording of the song but can supply us with a reference track of some description (say an MP3 recording), we will record the song for you with the same professional musicians that have recorded our other backing tracks. This would cost £300 ($500) and would need to be done as part of a larger batch of songs that we are commissioning a the same time.


What's in it for you?

Once your song is in MultiTrack format it will be available for sale on our website. Assuming you own the publishing rights, you'll earn money in three ways for this:



How can we help you promote your song?

For an additional payment we will work with you to promote your song. This could include:



If you are interested please email us at [email protected]