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  1. Dance (Tim Hughes)

    Dance (Tim Hughes)

    Our version of this very underused Tim Hughes song

  2. Days of Elijah (Robin Mark)

    Days of Elijah (Robin Mark)

    Our arrangement combines some of the Gospel elements of Donnie McClurkin’s version alongside a more rock band style arrangement that any worship team can work with.

  3. Death Was Arrested

    Death Was Arrested (North Point)

    A fabulous 6/8 track fully encompassing the gospel message and transposed down to the more reachable key of G.

  4. Desert Rain

    Desert Rain

    Desert Rain by Chase Wagner and Ben Hardesty is from Common Exchange. This fabulous pop based MultiTrack is full of great sounds and perfect to learn and use in a local church setting.

  5. Desert Song (Brooke Fraser)

    Desert Song (Brooke Fraser)

    We are really proud of our version of this Hillsong Worship song. Great instrumentation and lots of dynamic change

  6. Do It Again (Elevation)

    Do It Again (Elevation)

    From delicate verses through to a soaring bridge this track journeys through the faithfulness of God.

  7. Draw Me Close (Kelly Carpenter)

    Draw Me Close (Kelly Carpenter)

    A nice band focused version of this classic gentle Hillsong track.

7 Products