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  1. Be My Everything/Everything (Tim Hughes)

    Be My Everything/Everything (Tim Hughes)

    Very usable full band version of this Tim Hughes worship song.

  2. Emmanuel (Advent Hymn) + free chord chart pack

    Emmanuel (Advent Hymn) + free chord chart pack

    A terrific new Advent Hymn, great melody, lyrics and very congregational. Perfect for your Christmas services so check out the 30 second sample clip. It even comes with the chord charts and score all free of charge! Emmanuel is written by Matt Weeks who as well as being a producer, song writer and bass player for many of the best known worship leaders around the world, teaches all Musicademy’s bass lessons and is the bass player on Worship Backing Band’s MultiTracks

  3. Enough (All of You is More than Enough) (Chris Tomlin)

    Enough (All of You is More than Enough) (Chris Tomlin)

    Another Chris Tomlin classic re-recorded by ourselves with great instrumentation and vocals in a more congregational key than the original

  4. Even So Come

    Even So Come

    The best known original live version is fantastic for very large gatherings but there are a few too many refrains for the average size congregation. So to keep it interactive we’ve kept all the sections but cut out the instrumentals and a few of the repeated chorus sections. We’ve also brought the key down from G to E to make it more congregationally singable for both men and women. Of course if you want the extended version you can always loop and jump around those parts within the multitrack player.

  5. Ever Be (Bethel)

    Ever Be (Bethel)

    Bethel songs are often not initially what we would describe as "congregational" often with a high key in the original recording and lots of lengthy intros and repeated sections. With Ever Be we’ve retained all the main sections but trimmed down the intro, made the outro slightly easier for a worship team to follow and slightly cut down the bridge repeats to make everything more succinct for an average sized church to use. Of course if you want to do a more lengthy (or even shorter) version you can still loop or cut out any of those sections in our MultiTrack Player.

  6. Everlasting God (Strength Will Rise) (Brenton Brown)

    Everlasting God (Strength Will Rise) (Brenton Brown)

    Our version of this classic Brenton Brown worship song.

  7. Extravagant Worship (Vicky Beeching)

    Extravagant Worship (Vicky Beeching)

    Our version of this classic Vicky Beeching worship song complete with a fabulous instrumental section and guitar solo.

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