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Backing Tracks for Worship.

3 great value solutions. All with optional vocals.

Pro Wav Player

Ultimate flexibility in the simplest interface


Loop, repeat or jump to any song section
Key/tempo change
Footswitch and hot key control
High def audio (14 stems inc vox)
Import your own song wavs
Learn how it works with the "How-To" video guides and get FREE tracks

*Uses our MultiTrack Pro Wav Stems or wavs from other multitrack suppliers

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Pro Wav Stems

For Pro Wav Player
or DAW users


WAV MultiTrack stems for Pro Wav Player or any DAW (includes Ableton session file)

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Backing Track DVDs


Video backing tracks on DVD. Great value.
On-screen lyrics, adjustable vocals.
Import to Powerpoint, iPad, PC, Mac.


Search by track name(NEW MultiTrack Pro Wavs)


Worship Backing Band
“Super” Chord Charts

Comprehensive chord charts including groove guide and lyrics for the most popular tracks

Video Lessons


Online lessons for guitar, bass and keyboard


Vocal Warm-Ups


Vocal warm-up exercises


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Designed to fill in for missing musicians. Includes optional vocals:

MultiTrack Pro Wav Player and Stems – our new MultiTrack Player plus MultiTrack stem files in WAV format including key/tempo change, looping, easy song navigation and more. For more technically minded users of Ableton there is also a pre configured Ableton session for use in Ableton Live or your favourite DAW software. 

Video SplitTracks – downloadable Mac, PC, Ipad/Ipod. Video backing tracks with on-screen lyrics that change in time with the music and split track vocals. Build your own playlists in itunes or similar. What are split tracks? Split Tracks are recorded with the full track including vocals on one side of the stereo mix and just the band on the other side. Then simply use your computer’s left/right balance to mix the level of vocals from 0 – 100%. Over 100 songs available.

Click for a complete list of songs and formats available (including recent releases).

Worship Backing Band DVDs – 4 DVDs with on-screen lyrics & optional vocals for churches and small groups without musicians. Volumes 2, 3 & 4 enable you to configure your own play lists. Musicians volume with on-screen chords for use as practice tracks. The best value option for budget conscious needs.

Compare backing track products – click through for a detailed comparison of all the Worship Backing Band products.

“Super” Chord Charts – created especially to work alongside our backing tracks, these comprehensive chord charts include two separate charts for regular and capo chords, lyrics, bar lines, clearly divided song sections, chord diagrams, strumming patterns, bass and drums groove guide plus a map of the song structure so you know exactly which sections to play, pause, link, repeat and how to finish!

Video Lessons – learn to play the songs and develop your skills on guitar, keyboard and bass with these downloadable lessons from Musicademy.

Vocal warm-up exercises – CDs and downloads of vocals warm-up and work-out exercises for singers.


Worship Backing Band is a sister company to Musicademy, the leading provider of instructional resources for musicians involved in worship.