Free Worship Backing Tracks

Each month we try to give a free MultiTrack backing track away. In fact, we've given away more than 70 different MultiTracks over the last few years. So if all you do is buy our Transition MultiTrack Player for Mac, PC or iPad, over time you'll be able to build up a great free library of tracks all for the low cost investment of the software.

When you buy our Transition MultiTrack Player for Mac, PC or iPad you get eight free MultiTracks pre-loaded in the Player. More info about the Transition Player here.

The free track for November is The Only Name from EQ Worship. EQ Worship draw on the strong musical talents of Brandon Bee and Zach Lamberson, who are worship leaders from Washington State in the USA and who serve a variety of ministries both locally and around the world. They freely give of their various resources to help churches worldwide. The track comes with a free simple chord chart.

Free backing track formats

This month's free track is available in MultiTrack format and comes with a free simple chord chart.

What software do you need to play the track?

Unless you are confident using a DAW such as Ableton, you will need a copy of Worship Backing Band's Transition MultiTrack Player - Click here to purchase for Mac/PC from Worship Backing Band or click here to purchase for iPad from the Apple App Store.

Our Transition MultiTrack Player and Transition Tracks are the simplest and least expensive solution to get a full band sound from your worship team, even if you’ve only got a couple of musicians.