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For churches without musicians 

Split track backing tracks with
on screen words, mixable vocals and
pre-programmable playlists.


Great value & simple to use

35 complete backing tracks on each DVD. 

Sing or play along.


Worship Backing Band DVDs

Does your church want to have great times of worship together but you don’t have any musicians?

Worship Backing Band DVDs are the cheapest and simplest backing track solution for churches without musicians. The DVDs feature our video backing tracks but in the simplest to use and most cost effective format. The DVDs are designed for live worship times in churches and small groups where you have no instruments or even no singers and want the minimal technical hassle.

You can buy the DVDs individually or as a bundle pack of 6 with a great discount.

Please note that the video backing tracks on the DVDs cannot be downloaded or played in the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player. See our MultiTrack Pro Wav Tracks to play in the Player. 




Worship Backing Band SplitTrack Video Downloads
Downloadable video backing tracks with on screen words
Worship Backing Band "Super" Chord Charts
Comprehensive chord charts including groove guide and lyrics for the most popular tracks

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Worship Backing Band DVDs

Worship Backing Band  DVDs each featuring backing tracks for 35 contemporary worship songs with on-screen lyrics and fully mixable vocals. This means that you can set the vocals at zero all the way up to full depending on whether you have a confident lead singer yourself.


All designed for churches and small groups on a budget.



  • Programmable play lists so you can choose the songs in advance and have them seamlessly flow from one to the next
  • As well as a TV/DVD, PC or Mac, you can rip the songs to an iPod, iPad, smartphone or Powerpoint
  • Choose the level of vocals. You can mix the level of lead vocal from full to zero, or anywhere in between simply by adjusting the left/right audio balance on your your hifi, computer, mixing desk iPad or iPod. Full details of how to do this are given with the DVDs.
A quick look at Volume 2 (Volumes 3-6 work the same way and are similar style recordings):

How do they work?

Simply insert the DVD into your TV or computer, choose a song and the words automatically change on screen in time with the music. If you plug into a projector you don’t need to run Powerpoint, Easyworship, Mediashout or any other lyrics software. It does it all for you. You can even adjust the lead vocals.
If you want a bit more functionality than the DVDs offer look at the MultiTrack Pro Wav Player. (Note that the backing tracks on the DVDs are MP4 format and will not work themselves in the MultiTrack Player. For use in the Player you need to purchase MultiTracks instead.) The different options for backing tracks are compared here.


 Worship Backing Band - Musicians Practice Tracks


The perfect practice tool for your entire worship team:

  • 54 practice backing tracks on one DVD
  • On screen words and chords
  • Select any track minus either vocals, guitars, drums, bass or keys
  • Select any song with or without vocals


The musicians version (blue DVD) is designed for musician’s practice rehearsal and auditions. So this time you get the chords on screen as well as the words and six versions of each song. A full version, and then one minus the vocals, one minus guitars, another without bass, another without keyboards and finally one without drums that includes a click track instead to help with timing. Buy it here with a money back guarantee.
You don’t get the pre programmed themed set lists and you can’t take out more than one instrument (for that see our MultiTrack Pro Wav Player) but you get an easy to use practice DVD where you can play along with some of the best worship musicians around and improve your skills or audition a new musicians for great value price point.