Buy Credits

Credits are an optional form of currency that help you save money.  One credit equals $1 or £1.  You can save money when you buy credits.  The more credits you buy the more you save. 

Credits sit in your account and you can use them for any of our Worship Backing Band tracks or player software.  Once you have purchased your credits it is up to you whether you spend them all at once or buy your tracks on an as need basis.  You can choose to split your payment and pay partially with credits and the remainder with alternative payment options.

You can even send your credits to a friend as long as they have an account with Worship Backing Band.

The dropdown menu shows the number of credits you will buy followed by the price in brackets. The 250 and 500 Credits lines show +£$107 and +£$275 after the price. You can ignore this - it is just an increase on the base price from £$115. Once the Credits are added to your basket this does not show.

Click Here to Buy Credits