Each DVD contains 35 Split Tracks. These FAQs answer your questions about our compilation DVDs and how they work.

  • DVDs

    • What software do I need to run the Worship Backing Band DVDs?

      The DVDs should play in whatever media player your PC or Mac has but if you have any problems we recommend you use VLC (free download here). If you want to download and play the tracks on an iPad or tablet first download to a PC or Mac then transfer to iTunes before opening on the tablet.

      Note. Neither our dowloadable Split Tracks or the MP4s on the DVDs will play in the MultiTrack Player. You need MultiTracks for that.

      Our DVDs are coded for all regions so will play all over the world.

    • How do I build a playlist of Split Tracks from the DVDs?

      Simply drag the songs into a play list within Quicktime, ITunes, VLC or another MP4 compatible media player and drag and drop them into the order you choose. 

    • Are the songs on the DVDs the same as the Split Tracks?

      Yes they are!

      The cheapest way to buy the songs is on the DVD compilations but if you would prefer to cherry pick your songs, or download them instantly, simply buy Split Tracks direct from the website.

    • Will the DVDs work with the MultiTrack Player?

      No. The DVDs are compilations of split tracks which are MP4s with all the audio compressed to a single "stem". MultiTracks have 14 separate audio stems which the Player is then able to individually adjust for different sound levels for each instrument stem.

    • Can I increase the font size on the screen?

      If your projector screen is quite small or you are using Split Tracks/DVDs in a very large room you may find the typeface (font) difficult to read on some songs.

      If this is the case you can employ Windows Magnifier to help (https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-magnifier-windows-10).

      If you are running the Split Track/DVD from your computer (PC) you can use the Windows Magnifier to increase the size of the text.

      Get a Split Track up-and-running and click on the Windows button on your keyboard and the plus (+) button at the same time. You should find that this increases the size of the text on the Split track that is open and running.

      To go back to normal sized text hit the Windows and minus (–) buttons.

    • Do the on-screen lyrics have videos or images behind them?

      No. In our research found that roughly there where as many people who didn’t like videos and images projected behind the words as those who did. They can also pose problems for people who are partically sighted, have ADHD, epilepsy, dyslexia, colour blindness and a number of other conditions. So we decided to keep it simple. Our lyrics are straightforward, easy to read modern white typefaces on a black background with large letters and not too many words on the screen at one time.

      Churches that would still like to use images can do so by using the audio-only from our DVDs and their own normal manual lyric projection system.

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