Chord Charts

We have two different types of chord charts. These FAQs answer your questions about our chord charts and what to expect when you buy them.
  • Chord Charts

    • What are EveryKey Chord Charts?

      Our two chord chart formats are explained in detail here. The video below shows how the EveryKey Chord Charts work.

      Some of our older charts are in Super Chord Chart format.  All our new Chord Charts are in the EveryKey format.

    • Can I get discounts for bulk buys?

      Yes you can!

      We have introduced a Credit system to allow you to take advantage of bulk buys.  You can buy Credits here.  The larger the bundle you purchase the more you save.  The Credits sit in your account and you can buy Chord Charts along with Multi Tracks and Split Tracks with the Credits you have purchased throughout the year.

    • Do the chord charts correspond to a specific version or arrangement?

      The structure of all our chord charts precisely mirrors Worship Backing Band's MultiTracks and Split Tracks.

      In turn, these are designed to be "congregational" in their arrangements without lengthy intros, endings and ad libs.

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