About us

Worship Backing Band is owned and run by Musicademy, the leading provider of instructional resources for musicians involved in worship. Musicademy began in 2003, first as a local music school helping church worship teams play together better and then subsequently began to transfer their courses to DVD as the need for training grew beyond the local area.

Musicademy now has over 50 DVD based training courses for developing instrument skills in a worship environment from beginner to advanced levels. These cover guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals, orchestral improvisation and even an entire course on learning to play by ear and understand chords. Great for worship leaders, musicians, arrangers and song writers.

It became apparent that whilst regular training is the best way to help churches grow in their practical worship skills, there are many churches without the full compliment of musicians, or even any musicians at all who still desire high quality backing tracks to use in place of a band in a service.

Thus Worship Backing Band was born. Initially released as a single DVD with 54 songs, on-screen words, pre programmed play lists etc. it has become a great tool for small groups, churches with a single musician, or even congregations wanting to explore contemporary worship for the first time.

Then people asked for more flexibility. They wanted greater control over the music. If they had half a band they wanted to mute the parts that they had live musicians for, and even the freedom to change the structure of a song so they could repeat verses and choruses as they wanted. A pretty tall order for a DVD!

Some churches use complicated recording software like Pro Tools or Ableton to run multi tracks but for the majority of churches this can be a daunting technical hurdle as well as time consuming and expensive with the additional hardware and software needed to run such a system.  Hence we felt the time was right to invest in commissioning an extremely simple to operate, cost effective, software player that would allow you to play backing tracks in a multi-track format. A format with the flexibility over how you play the song just as you would with a real live worship band but crucially without the requirement of any technical ability, further hardware or software.

The Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player is downloadable on both PC and Mac, so you simply get the player, download some songs, choose which instruments you want in the mix and hit play! It really is that easy.