You will need the MultiTrack Pro Wav Tracks for use in our new MultiTrack Pro Wav Player

MultiTrack Pro WAV Tracks

What you get - 14 Tracks (WAV) + Ableton session file

Track order:


- Two Bar Intro Click


- Lead Vox


- Backing Vox


- Acoustic Guitar


- Electric Guitar 1


- Electric Guitar 2


- Keyboards 1


- Keyboards 2


- Bass


- Drums


- Extras (more guitars/ keys/ programming etc - song specific)


- Click


- Shaker (natural click)


- Vox Cue - spoken word vocal cue (lyrics, count-ins, sections, endings etc)

The Pro Wav Stems are explained here.


The abbreviations on the timeline are explained here.



"Just downloaded worship backing band software and the song "Forever" and was blown away at how good the tracks sounded as well as how easy it was to install and use! One of the best pieces of software I've ever bought no doubt! Consider this coming from a producer,songwriter, guitarist, & sound engineer who has used Pro Tools and produced three albums over the last 6 years! Great software for learning and teaching. I'll find out how well it works in a live environment very soon! Job well done folks! God Bless"
Scott Patrick


"We started using Worship Backing Band in our Church about a month ago. I love it. I am the whole Praise and Worship team, I can have voices added in with mine or sing alone, and I love the fact that we can change the key to fit voice ranges. I am new at this as it wasn't my calling, I was just the only one that would step up and do it. This is the first time I have ever used something like this and it has worked really good for us."
Debbie Tanton 


"We have used Giver of Life, Blessing Honour, and Extravagant Worship and our congregation loves them. Giver of Life, especially, was a different style for us that we would not have been able to pull off without the tracks. We're working on All Over The World and Come, Let Us Return right now, and will be adding them to our list soon. MY SINCERE THANKS to all who make these free tracks available to us, especially since our budget is limited."
Ken Granger


"We loved You Chose the Cross. Your tracks definitely introduce us to songs we otherwise wouldn't use or know. The free tracks are a great way to introduce our congregations to new songs."
James Carroll  


"We are doing "All Over the World" first time in our service this week. Would never had picked it up except it was the free track the month we bought Worship Backing Band."
Jeff Ballard


"I use the raw multitracks in Ableton Live 8.I originally purchased the multitracks to use when our whole worship team was at  a conference and we were devoid of Sunday musicians. We used the tracks to sing "Karaoke style" with led vocals and it was unusual but refreshing (and amazingly straightforward - removing the click track, altering levels etc on the morning in question). I have since used  some tracks as practice tools, muting an instrument that I fancy playing along with myself. It makes practicing drums, percussion, acoustic guitar and lead EWI instruments so much more "real" than playing along to a CD / MP3 because YOU become the missing instrumentalist and it is not just an overlaid instrument.  The next step is to introduce the concept to the worship team's practice meetings and then trialling multitracks on a Sunday morning (with the appropriate live instruments substituting the recorded instruments).  I would have no reservations about using them in this way.  Bring it on! " 
Dave  - Dublin West Community Church (Dublin, ROI)


For Ableton users

The Worship Backing Band Pro Wav player is very simple to use and contains all the key functionality you need for a live worship service, but some users may prefer to use one of the more powerful but complex and bigger budget MultiTrack solutions such as Ableton Live. Our Pro Wav stems will work in any DAW software should you wish to upgrade in the future and there is even a fully configured Ableton session within each song file.


If you would prefer to use Ableton instead of our new MultiTrack Pro Wav Player, we've done all the hard work for you. Simply buy and download the songs you want, click on the Ableton icon in your downloaded zip file and its all set up for you and ready to go. We’ve even pre configured the song section marker points!

All our tracks have lead and background vocals, a click track, shaker click, a separate two bar intro click and even a spoken word vocal cue for intros, endings, song sections and hard to remember lyrics.

We recommend Ableton because unlike other DAW music recording software it’s primarily designed to be used in a live environment. With Ableton Live you can easily jump between song sections, loop sections, change key, change tempo, build your own arrangements, record, build and import your own Tracks and loops, both on the fly and beforehand. In fact the only limit is your creativity!

Ableton is a very powerful tool but like any sequencing software does require a certain level of technical proficiency. If you are in any doubt of your ability to work with sequencing software or require a much simpler Multitrack system we suggest you look at our MultiTrack software.

PC/Mac running Ableton Live 8, Live Intro or Live Lite or PC/Mac running DAW software (Pro Tools, Logic, Garageband Cubase etc). For hardware minimum specs check or the host site of your chosen DAW software.

Controlling the song arrangement at a touch of a button

You can easily jump around any song section at the touch of a button via your computer or any midi hand or foot controller. Ableton do a range of desktop control pads and many guitarists wanting a midi foot controller use the Behringer FCB1010 or the Keith McMillen Softstep.

Don’t I need some complex hardware? Not necessarily!

The easiest way is to simply hook up a cable from your computer’s headphone output into desk. This will effectively give you a two channel left/right output. But here’s the clever bit, our tracks are mixed mono/mono so you get exactly the same output left and right including the click tracks. This means you could send the clicks and instruments you need the band to hear to one side of the mix and the other instruments the congregation needs to hear to the other side. Instant separate Front of House and Foldback mixes!

If you want much more control over outputs and individual instrument foldback mixes you could add one of the many multichannel hardware interfaces out there. There are so many to choose from but check out brands like M Audio, Presonus, Focusrite, Apogee, Roland and MOTU.

Ableton Advanced Session View Template

This specially designed template is designed to allow you to use Ableton session view alongside the MultiTrack Pro Wav Tracks from Worship Backing Band.

  • Store all your tracks in one master template 
  • Simply reassign your midi controllers prior to each set. No need to create a set for each service 
  • Easily activate or mute needed or missing instruments 
  • Arrange on the fly with director cues for keeping the band tight 
  • Template also includes Ambient pads in 12 keys for transitioning between songs or filling out your sound

Ableton Training Videos

Go to our Ableton Page to watch the training videos that we have put together to introduce you to using our MultiTrack Pro Wav Tracks with Ableton.