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Guitar, bass and keyboard lessons.Each video download is a complete lesson teaching you a contemporary worship song. Plus vocals warm-up exercises

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Worship Backing Band SplitTrack Video Downloads
Downloadable video backing tracks with on screen words
Worship Backing Band "Super" Chord Charts
Comprehensive chord charts including groove guide and lyrics for the most popular tracks

What are Video lessons?

Download one of our online lessons to improve your guitar, bass or keyboard playing. Each download is a complete lesson teaching you a contemporary worship song. We break the song down, repeat each element slowly and play it through a few times before each element is bolted together step-by-step.

Unlock unusual chord shapes, cheats and rhythms used in the original recording of a contemporary worship song. Then instantly apply these new techniques to many other songs. Learn extended, suspended, augmented, slash chords and substitute chords unlocking easy ways to play complex chords. Learn a unique strumming pattern for every song and develop more great finger picking skills

Perfect for any bass player who wants to learn great parts to well known worship songs and improve their range of styles and techniques.

Each lesson will help you unlock great bass parts used in the original recordings, and give you hints, tips and techniques which you can instantly apply to many other songs. Tutor Matt Weeks guides you through the song in a step by step manner and is joined at the end of the lesson by guitarist Andy Chamberlain so you can put all your worship bass instruction together in a play through of the song.

20-30 minute lessons unpacking all the chords, inversions, rhythms and sounds to a worship song. Once you've mastered the song you can then apply the techniques learnt to others.

And for Vocalists
Download Musicademy's popular vocals warm-up exercises. Great for warming up prior to having to sing and also fantastic for helping develop your vocal tone, range and power.

Here's how the guitar lessons look:

Musicademy Worship Guitar Song Learner DVDs Trailer from Musicademy on Vimeo.