New MultiTracks and EveryKey Chord Charts

New Worship MultiTracks

We’ve just launched 6 fantastic new MultiTracks. EveryKey Chord Charts are available with each track and can be found by clicking on the song links below.

The first we wanted to do was Wake by Hillsong Young and Free. it’s one of those songs that has a great vibe but is really difficult to do without running tracks in the background. So we’ve given you all the instrument sections of the original album version that you can mute, solo, mix or jump around to in the player and make as long or short a version as you like. There’s some great guitar parts to copy live as well as all the synth sections. This is well worth running if you’d like to use this song live in your worship services.

We’ve got a great version of Good Good Father, as recorded by Housefires, Chris Tomlin etc. We’ve put our version in G to make it easily singable with plenty of big and small dynamic versions of each section so the song will follow your leading.

We’ve put Elevation Church’s Only King Forever into the key of A and slightly edited the bridge and repeat sections to make them more congregationally usable.

Kari Jobe’s Only Your Love is similar too. Most of the sections work well, but we’ve added a couple of guitar parts which add to the 80’s feel of the track.

My Heart Is Yours has been taken down a tone as quite a few of the songs that come from the Passion camp are a bit high for most normal congregations.

And finally with No Longer Slaves as per lots of the Bethel songs, we’ve put it in the more usable key of Bb and shortened the arrangement to around 5 minutes. You still get all the sections with big and little dynamics but at a usable length for most normal sized congregations. Of course if you want the full 9 minute Bethel version you can loop or jump back to any of the sections within the Worship Backing Band Player

Click the links below to listen to the audio sample and to download

Good Good Father – Pat Barrett, Anthony Brown

My Heart Is Yours – Kristian Stanfill, Daniel Carson, Kristian Stanfill, Jason Ingram

No Longer Slaves (Bethel) – Jonathan David Helser, Brian Johnson, Joel Case

Only King Forever (Elevation) – Chris Brown, Mack Brock, Steven Furtick, Wady Joye

Only Your Love – Amy Davis, Ben Davis, Kari Jobe, Jason Ingram

Wake (Hillsong) – Joel Davies, Alexander Pappas, Hannah Hobbs