Best selling MultiTracks for the last 12 months + thoughts on how the CCLI lists have changed

We’ve been totting up the totals on the MultiTracks you’ve purchased in the last year, so we thought we’d give you a peak at the 25 most popular. Perhaps unsurprisingly the list broadly mirrors last year’s CCLI top songs choices, so in other words the MultiTracks you’re buying roughly line up with the popularity of what the wider church is singing.

What’s interesting is that comparing a song’s CCLI position from previous years shows that a song can now become very popular with a worldwide recognition much more quickly than ever before. For instance, ‘What a Beautiful Name’ is number one both in our chart and CCLI and yet is a 2016 song. In years past it would take a song over 5 years to get to that number one slot. Conversely, songs that took 4-5 years to gain that kind of usage would often stay in the top five for a good 5-7 years, whereas now the speed at which churches are adding new songs their repertoire and discarding older ones is also much faster too.

With the advent of apps like Spotify and YouTube it is now much easier to access new songs outside of conferences and summer festivals, but equally I wonder what the impact is of introducing so many more new songs to your congregation?

This article on the lifecycle of a worship song is worth a read.

Andy Chamberlain, Co-Founder, Worship Backing Band 

Worship Backing Band’s Top 25 best selling MultiTracks for the last year

  1. What a Beautiful Name
  2. Good Good Father
  3. The Lion and the Lamb
  4. This is Amazing Grace
  5. 10,000 Reasons
  6. O Come to the Altar
  7. No Longer Strangers
  8. Great Are You Lord
  9. How Great is Our God
  10. Holy Spirit
  11. At the Cross (Love Ran Red)
  12. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
  13. Agnus Dei
  14. My Lighthouse
  15. O Praise The Name (Anastasis)
  16. Revelation Song
  17. Open The Eyes of My Heart
  18. Our God
  19. Blessed Be Your Name
  20. Mighty To Save
  21. Oceans (Hillsong)
  22. This I Believe (The Creed)
  23. Jesus Messiah
  24. Lord I Need You
  25. Forever (We Sing Hallelujah)

This list is for individual tracks purchased and excludes sales of our pre-selected bundle packs.



The Worship Backing Band iPad MultiTrack Player is here!

We are delighted to announce that our long awaited MultiTrack iPad Player is now available. Keeping with our simple-to-use methodology, the iPad Player is a step up from our PC/Mac Player with some additional features such as ambient pads for song transitions, a global mix option, the ability to save and name playlists, easy iCloud storage and more.

  • New iPad touchscreen interface design
  • 14 instrument stems inc. vocals, clicks and cues
  • Mix mute or solo any instrument stem
  • Loop or jump to any song section
  • Key change and tempo change
  • MIDI footswitch compatible
  • Ambient pads for seamless song transitions
  • Save and name setlists/playlists
  • Lossless audio compression for easy song import/iCloud storage

The Player comes pre-installed with 3 MultiTracks plus you get 2 free CCLI top 50 tracks of your choice (worth $34!).

Buy the iPad Player on the App store and come back to Worship Backing Band to buy the MultiTracks. You will also have free access to iPad versions of all your existing WBB MultiTracks that you have bought in the past.

Buy from the App Store

Watch the video to see how it works

Your questions answered

I need more information about the iPad player before I buy

We’ve created a series of how-to videos that explain every aspect of the Player.

I want to use the old PC/Mac Player as well as the iPad player. Will you be charging me twice?

You will need to buy the new iPad player (as well as the PC/Mac Player that you already have) but when you buy tracks you’ll get the PC/Mac/DAW MultiTracks as well as the iPad versions. You’ll get iPad versions for all your existing WBB MultiTracks free-of-charge.

Will the iPad tracks work in any other programs?

No. You will need the Worship Backing Band iPad Player to play the tracks. However, once you have purchased the tracks you will also get a standard uncompressed WAV file which you can use in any DAW such as Ableton as well as Worship Backing Band’s Mac/PC MultiTrack Player.

What about technical support?

We’ve tried to make the iPad Player as intuitive and simple-to-use as possible but if you need some extra help we’ve an extensive FAQ section on our website as well as email technical support.

What about other tablets?

At the moment the Player is iPad only.


New MultiTrack, Split Track and chord chart bundle packs: great savings for the top selling songs

When you first start using MultiTracks building your library of songs can be a bit daunting.

What are the top songs churches are singing today? What is going to go down well with my congregation? What new songs are there that are being used at the conferences and my team will enjoy playing? How do I find the budget to pay for all these tracks?

Whilst the average church only uses about 70 songs a year, taking a look through the entire Worship Backing Band back catalogue can end up with you feeling like a kid in a sweetshop that only has a few coins in his pocket!

And whilst Worship Backing Band MultiTracks are still the cheapest on the market (compared to providers such as and Loop Community), the nature of MultiTracks, and the licenses we pay to sell them to you, mean that they are priced higher than a song you’d buy from iTunes to listen to on your phone.

But don’t worry – help is at hand to select not only our top selling MultiTracks, but also to save you even more money.

Our bundle packs are heavily discounted from our usual prices and include our very best selling tracks – old favourites, contemporary takes on old hymns and of course lots of the newest big songs.

And if you prefer to select your own songs, then do look at our bulk buys. With these you save increasing amounts when you buy 10, 25 or 50+ songs at a time.

Choose from the following bundle packs (click to see the songs featured):

As well as the MultiTrack bundles you will find bundles of Split Tracks and chord charts, again at discounted prices.



Working with backing tracks and MultiTracks

worship multitracksTechnology in worship is here whether you like it or not

It’s amazing how much technology drives and redefines the very sounds of the music we make. From electric guitars to sound on sound recording, then synthesisers, decks, loops and now recorded elements being integrated into live music, all these new technologies serve as the paint brush to create new sounds, which changes the very music we make, whether we like it or not.

And when it comes to live and particularly live worship music, the introduction of the drummer’s click track a few years ago has had a massive effect on the sound of worship songs. But now again the wheel has turned and backing and multi tracks used alongside live worship bands is becoming a reality for more and more churches.

Even churches with lots of musicians are using backing tracks

Of course it’s not just churches with missing musicians that use tracks to fill out the sound, there are plenty of larger churches with full compliments of musicians using tracks to produce more of an ‘original album’ sound that simply can’t be recreated with a 5 or 6 piece band.

Wherever you stand on the merits of production verses participation in live worship, there are a number of things to consider before launching a track on an unsuspecting congregation (or even band)!

Three things to avoid making mistakes with backing tracks

  1. Firstly, treat playing to tracks like learning new instrument. Playing in time to a click track is actually quite difficult if you’re not used to it so practice it together as a team A LOT before you introduce it into a live church setting. If your track has a click track element do make sure it’s loud enough to be easily heard over the live instruments. If it doesn’t have a click try to crank up the treble frequencies so that the snare, hi-hats and other rhythmic elements can be picked out. You’ll soon discover which team members unintentionally speed up or slow down and they’ll need to invest some hard work into improving their timing. Being frank, if you do have musicians who simply can’t play in time you’ll either have to abandon working with tracks for the time being or ask them to take and break and get some lessons to develop this fundamental core skill.
  2. The next difficulty is following the arrangement. If your backing tracks have mixable vocals then do add them into the monitor mixes at low level so everyone, including vocalists, have sung cues to follow. Conversely trying to follow a vocal-less track can lead to awkward moments getting lost somewhere in the song structure. If that’s true for your tracks do make copious notes to map out the structure; making special note of odd length chorus repeats, number of intro link sections bars etc. You’ll be surprised how many things can catch you out. We’ve found plenty of strong vocalists missing where they need to come in when they are using backing tracks karaoke-style but without the benefit of the bouncing ball!Once you’ve learned your song structure well, be demonstrative in communicating that to the rest of the band as you move through the song. Use eye and body movements and spoken word vocal cues to keep everyone together and try to communicate what’s happening at least two bars ahead – not as it’s happening! Don’t get stuck in your notes or chord charts. Look up, look around. Don’t  be five individuals who happen to be playing the same song at the same time. Listen to each other. As long as you stay in time there’s plenty of scope to play off each other’s parts interact and inject meaning to make your worship music come alive!
  3. Lastly, get to know the software you’re playing the tracks on. Whether it be Ableton, Mainstage one of the proprietary worship band focused players like our own Worship Backing Band, get to know it inside out. If you’re the lead musician learn how to control it yourself rather than leaving it to another musician or sound tech. Think of it like an orchestra you conduct and learn how to make it follow you and your leading, not the other way around!


Two new Worship Backing Band DVDs released. The cheapest way to buy Split Tracks.

70 new Split Track backing tracks released on two DVDs.

Making contemporary worship accessible, and affordable, in even the smallest church with the least technically adept people, we’ve been delighted to see these DVDs grow in popularity over the years into what are arguably our most successful product outselling even our instructional courses.

Worship Backing Band DVDs are quite simply the cheapest way to access backing tracks. Remember that you don’t get all the functionality of our MultiTracks (and the DVD tracks DO NOT play in the MultiTrack Player) but if you want ease-of-use, on-screen graphics and mixable vocals all on a budget, these are perfect.

Customers will be delighted with these additional 70 songs to add to their repertoire and for a limited time we are offering the two new DVD volumes with a bundle pack discount. For brand new customers who don’t already have volumes 1 to 4, we have bundled all six volumes together at a great discount.

How the DVDs work

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Getting started with MultiTracks: bulk buy discounts

We’ve put together some fantastic bundle pack deals for our MultiTrack users. They are perfect for new users to get them a great repertoire of songs that they know will be popular with their congregation.
You always get savings when buying 10 or more tracks at the same time but you’ll save even more with these bundles of tracks.  There are also corresponding bundle packs of chord charts with each offer.

These are genuinely the top selling tracks from our website in the last year. They also closely correlate with the CCLI top 25 list so even if you don’t currently know all the songs, you can be reassured that they are well known elsewhere and well worth you introducing them to your congregation.

These tracks are ready to go with our MultiTrack Player but can also be used in any DAW like Ableton, Garageband, Logic etc.

Is Worship Backing Band is right for you? Watch our video guides to the basic functions

It’s really simple to get started with the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player. Here are three short video guides showing some of the basic functions:

How to upload a song

How to create a song mix

How to build a set list

Customer reviews

Just downloaded worship backing band software and the song “Forever” and was blown away at how good the tracks sounded as well as how easy it was to install and use! One of the best pieces of software I’ve ever bought no doubt! Consider this coming from a producer,songwriter, guitarist, & sound engineer who has used Pro Tools and produced three albums over the last 6 years! Great software for learning and teaching. I’ll find out how well it works in a live environment very soon! Job well done folks!

Scott Patrick

We are blown away by your excellent program. Our worship team has never been better since we’ve implemented it into our system. “We are fans for life!” would be an understatement. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Jen Flatt Osborn – Praise and Worship Team Leader, New Life Harvest Church, Bacliff, Texas

What sets Worship Backing Band apart from other MultiTrack Players?

We’re pretty pleased with the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player. It was designed to be the simplest multitrack player on the market with all the essential functionality but none of the frills which add to the cost and complexity of other software.

It’s proved so good in a live environment that a lot of our customers have started using the player instead of software such as Ableton. It works on both Mac and PC and can also be used with a footpedal for hands-free operation.

As well as the simplicity, Worship Backing Band is positioned at a really affordable price point. Not only is the Player itself a low cost, but our MultiTracks are the cheapest WAV format multitracks you can buy. And we offer price breaks when you buy in bulk.

Plus, when you buy the Player, you’ll normally get a FREE MultiTrack each month.
Have we mentioned how it’s REALLY SIMPLE to use? Click for more information and to buy.

How are the Worship Backing Band tracks different?

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