New backing track: God So Loved (We The Kingdom)

New release: acoustic arrangement of We The Kingdom’s God So Loved

God So Loved is a great up-tempo, toe-tapping praise song from the group ‘We The Kingdom’ known for their hit ‘Holy Water’.

When we heard their fantastic live/acoustic arrangement we knew this was a track we needed to get into our repertoire quickly. The song is hugely popular at the moment featuring high in the CCLI charts for use in church.

Listen to our audio sample of the song below.

We have emulated We The Kingdom’s own acoustic feel in our Worship Backing Band arrangement in order to leave lots of room for vocal harmonies. Of course if that’s something you struggle with in your church then you can leave our vocal and backing vocal stems in the mix. Worship Backing Band are the only mainstream backing track provider to include vocals – something we know is essential for many small churches with missing musicians.

God So Loved is available in MultiTrack and Split Track formats.

MultiTracks can be played using either our own easy-to-use Transition MultiTrack Player (Mac, PC and iPad) or any DAW such as Ableton, ProTools or GarageBand. Mix, mute or solo any instrument stem, repeat any song section with a single click. They are just like working with a live band and can also be used alongside your musicians to fill out the sound.

Split Tracks are great for smaller churches on a budget. The tracks have fully adjustable vocals and come with on-screen lyrics. Split Tracks are played using any standard MP4 player such as Windows Media Player or VLC.

12 new kids worship songs available as MultiTracks and Video Split Tracks

We’ve partnered up with kids worship duo Awesome Cutlery to bring you 12 new kids backing tracks in our MultiTrack and video Split Track format.

Rather than the usual plain black backgrounds with our Split Tracks, the Awesome Cutlery ones are kids-friendly with lots of fun graphics.  When you go to the tracks on the Worship Backing Band webstore you can also listen to a 30 second audio sample of the track before you buy. Watch the compilation video below:

Check out the video below for an example of one of the songs. When you purchase the Split Track you will also get the lyric video bundled with the split track audio. Each track has a downloadable lyric sheet included.

Awesome Cutlery is named after Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy, two wannabe superheroes who appear in sketches on the Awesome Cutlery albums, as well as in their live shows.


In real life, Awesome Cutlery is Gareth Loh and Dan Adams. They are both dads, church pastors and dubiously-skilled superheroes. The Awesome Cutlery songs began life as songs they wrote to sing with their children and in kids’ ministry. Since then they have released two albums and seen their songs used all over the world.


Awesome Cutlery exists to help families worship Jesus together. Their songs are designed to be sung by all ages, and this specially-selected catalogue from their two albums has been put together for use in churches. The songs cover a host of topics, including the church, prayer, God’s word, the great commission, God’s eternality, and Jesus’ return, all in a way that that everyone can sing and enjoy.

The song list (click for links to buy) is:

Find out more about Awesome Cutlery on their website.

Hymns! 8 new MultiTracks from David Woodman

We are delighted to have released eight new MultiTracks and Split Tracks that are contemporary arrangements of classic hymns. Arranged and recorded by our friend David Woodman, they are taken from David’s new album, Hymnal.

The hymns available are:

About the arrangements

  • All For You (Take My Life)
    A new worship song with an acoustic feel (including cello and hammered dulcimer) based on Take My Life And Let It Be by Frances Havergal.
  • All People That on Earth do Dwell (Doxology)
    An up-tempo praise song which works really well at the start of sung worship; this arrangement combines 2 well-known hymns: All People That On Earth Do Dwell and Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow to the tune Old Hundredth by Louis Bourgeois.
  • Come Let us Sing (Wonderful Love)
    A gentle hymn with a missional edge with a new coda focussing on the wonderful love of Jesus.
  • Here is Love (Amazing Love)
    This well-loved hymn is often reduced to 2 verses, as the language in the other verses was a little archaic. David Woodman has modernised the lyrics and added a coda to give a more contemporary feel.
  • O The Blood of Jesus
    This traditional gospel hymn has been given some extra verses and a bluesy feel.
  • Teach Me My God and King (Breath of God)
    The original 400-year-old lyrics to this hymn are difficult for a modern congregation to engage with, but the core theme (of worship being a lifestyle not just singing songs) is timeless. David Woodman has modernised the lyrics and added a chorus emphasising the 24/7 life of worship that we are called to live.
  • The King of Love
    This traditional hymn set to the tune St Columba has been given a Celtic feel and builds to a resounding note of praise.
  • When I Survey
    This is surely one of the most popular hymns ever written. Whilst most versions are reflective, focussed on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, this up-tempo arrangement takes its cue from the hymn’s final lines: “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all,” encouraging us to live whole-heartedly for Jesus.

Formats available

The hymns are available in MultiTrack and Split Track format. When you purchase either the MultiTrack or Split Track you also get a free chord chart.

Note that the MultiTracks are NOT configured for our OLD MultiTrack Player. When you buy the MultiTrack you get two versions:

  • The Transition Track for our new Mac/PC/iPad Transition MultiTrack Player
  • The studio Wav files for a DAW such as Ableton (+ you’ll get an Ableton session file configured for Ableton 10.1 onwards)

If you have our old MultiTrack Player you will need to purchase the Transition Player in order to play this song.

About David Woodman

David Woodman is a worship leader and songwriter based in Manchester, UK, where he is also part of the leadership team of Bury Christian Fellowship.
David has also worked as a session musician for many years, including on projects for the Worldwide Message Tribe and Spring Harvest amongst many others.

His most recent album, Hymnal, features his arrangements of classic hymns.
“I’ve been leading worship in various places for 30 years I guess,” David explains, “and I’ve always tried to include more traditional hymns alongside contemporary songs. They often have such a depth to the lyrics. along with memorable tunes that congregations can sing easily. The problem can sometimes be that we arrange and perform them in a way that makes them seem old-fashioned. I’ve always tried to freshen the arrangements up, and the positive response from people has been really encouraging, so I felt it was time to record them and hopefully see other churches use them.”

David plays most of the instruments on the album, but bass was provided by Frank Brierley (an experienced session musician who played for Mike Batt on several projects). Producer Andy Green played keyboards and mixed the album.
“It’s such a privilege to get to do this kind of thing with good friends. Frank and Andy are excellent musicians and we love to play together and laugh along the way. I also wanted to suggest a congregational vibe, so we also had our friends and family join us for a group vocal session, which I found really moving.”

For further information or to buy David’s music, please visit


Why we don’t follow the original song keys and arrangements in our MultiTrack recordings

Worship MultiTrack Stems

The fact is that original song recordings are made with two priorities in mind:

  • The key that best suits the singer’s voice
  • An arrangement that works best for radio play

That combination is rarely the ideal for like-for-like use in church. In church at least half the congregation (and often the worship leader too) are female. That normally means that the original key is way too high. And in church, lengthy introductions, outros, ad libs, impossible octave jumps, bass solos and whatever else that suit a record well are far from ideal in a church setting where the priority should be to serve the congregation with something that is accessible for them and helps them worship.

So our MultiTracks, for the contemporary songs we’ve tried to keep the feel of the most well know definitive version of the song but slightly tweaked the key, the arrangement and the parts to make them playable for worship teams and most importantly, congregationally singable.

All in all we think our versions are actually much more usable for small to medium sized churches than the original versions!

Here is the thinking behind some of our most recent recordings:

Even So Come

  • Key original G
  • Suggested key E

The best known original live version is fantastic for very large gatherings but at nearly minutes long there are a few too many refrains for the average size congregation. So to keep it interactive we’ve kept all the sections but cut out the instrumentals and a few of the repeated chorus sections. We’ve also brought the key down from G to E to make it more congregationally singable for both men and women. Of course if you want the extended version you can always loop and jump around those parts within the MultiTrack player.

O Come To The Altar

  • Original key B
  • New key A

We’ve tweaked this great Elevation track to make it more suitable for ‘normal’ sized congregations. So we’ve taken the key down from B to A, shortened some links, taken out an unneeded instrumental section and neatened up intros and outros to make them more suitable for a band to follow in MultiTrack format.

Jesus We Love You

  • Original key B
  • New key Ab

As with many Bethel based tracks the best known versions are too long and often in too high a key to be suitable for ‘normal’ sized congregations. So again we’ve shortened some repeated sections, neatened up intros and outros and taken the key down from B to Ab to make it more singable for both men and women.


  • Original key D
  • New key G with no octave jumps

With this track we’ve tried to combine the best bits of both the original studio recording and the acoustic version so by muting or soloing different instrument combinations you can have either version! Again in the interests of congregationalability (!) we’ve shortened the intro, trimmed some of the links and placed a repeat chorus where the instrumental section was to encourage max participation. Plus the original key was D with vocal octave jumps, which works for some men with high tenor voices but is unsuitable or female vocal ranges, so we’ve taken out the octave jumps and put it in the key of G which makes it much more participatory for everyone!

My Lighthouse

  • Original key C
  • New key Bb

This track didn’t need much arrangement work to make it suitable as a MultiTrack, just some very minor tempo tweaking and adding an intro so a band could easily find the first beat 1. Plus, the original key of C puts it uncomfortably outside most female vocal ranges so we’ve taken it down to Bb as a much better congregational compromise.


We’d love to know what you think about our recordings. People often “think” they want the original but we are convinced that our tweaks actually make our recordings a lot more accessible.

12 new MultiTracks including Even So Come, My Lighthouse and King of My Heart

Worship Backing Band MultiTracks

Hello everyone, time for another set of Worship Backing Band tracks that we’ve just finished recording.  This month we’ve got 12 great songs; 6 recent worship songs that we think will become long term keepers and 6 hymns and modern worship classics that will be around forever. There are EveryKey Chord Charts available for each song too.

For the new songs we have:

And for the hymns and classics:

As with all our tracks, for the contemporary songs we’ve tried to keep the feel of the most well know definitive version of the song but slightly tweaked the key, the arrangement and the parts to make them playable for worship teams and most importantly, congregationally singable. We’ve written about the thinking behind these congregational arrangements here.

All in all we think our versions are actually much more usable for small to medium sized churches than the original versions!

With the hymns and classics; the more modern songs ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ and the kids songs ‘Great Big God’ just needed a solid, familiar, band style arrangement but with the hymns we’ve tried to give them a contemporary full band feel so they fit right in with all the other Worship Backing Band tracks, again with usable parts and arrangements that a worship team can learn and play along with.

So –  do check out the 30 second sample for each track as it’ll give you a good flavour of the arrangement, and if you’ve got any questions do get in touch!



6 new MultiTracks

Worship Backing Band MultiTracks

We’ve added another 6 MultiTracks to our ever growing library. These are:

There are EveryKey Chord Charts available for each song and Split Tracks are coming soon.

Five huge new MultiTracks

We’ve just launched another batch of five new MultiTracks. As ever these are big, well known songs with familiar arrangements but in the usual Worship Backing Band style we’ve slightly (or sometimes hugely) modified each song to make it as congregationally singable and playable as we can. So here’s a brief rundown of how we’ve approached each song.

The links will take you to where you can buy the MultiTrack, Split Track, Chord Chart and also listen to the 30 second audio preview.

Because He Lives, Amen – Bb

Because this song has got quite a defined, succinct arrangement already we didn’t need to alter any of the sections. However as with lots of original Matt Maher recordings we brought down to Bb as it’s a much better compromise for both male and female vocal ranges in church.

Jesus Loves Me – Bb

This was pretty identical in approach to Because He Lives, Amen.  Chris Tomlin tends to write complete arrangements focused on maximum congregational singing that don’t need many, if any, changes. But again, because of Chris’s own vocal range the original recording is generally too high to this track has come down to Bb as well.

Ever Be – D

Bethel based songs are often the opposite of Chris Tomlin songs in that the original key can be much more congregational, but the arrangements or repeated sections can be too lengthy. So here we’ve retained all the main sections but we’ve trimmed down the intro, made the outro slightly easier for a worship team to follow and slightly cut down the bridge repeats to make everything more succinct for an average sized church to use.  Of course if you want to do a more lengthy (or even shorter) version you can still loop or cut out any of those sections in our MultiTrack Player.

It Is Well (Through It All) – G

This was the trickiest song in this batch to make congregational. There are a couple of well known, but very long, live versions of this song along with a much shorter ‘radio mix’ with very different instrumentation that lots of people like. So in this case we tried to put together a version that incorporates the necessary and best bits of all but kept to around 5 minutes in length with succinct intros and outros. Another tricky element to get around is the timing. The Intros links and verses are written in 7/4 time and the chorus and bridges are in 4/4. So for the tricky 7/4 parts we’ve included a count in our spoken word vocal cue so you know exactly when to come in and out.

Unstoppable God – B

This was the trickiest song in terms of pitching the key. The original is in B, which is almost totally unsingable for women and even men who can’t sign high! So to give a good compromise both male and female vocals we had to go either much higher or much lower. In this case we felt the best compromise was to bring it down to G and used the instrumentation to keep the intensity up.

5 new MultiTracks

New Worship MultiTracks

We released five new MultiTrack backing tracks today for use either in the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player or any DAW. We even include an Ableton session file for Ableton users.

The links below will take you to where you can buy the MultiTrack, Split Track, Chord Chart and also listen to the 30 second audio preview.

Don’t forget the EveryKey Chord Charts

With all new releases we now create a complementary EveryKey Chord Chart (and have these for much of the back catalogue too). These are available for a small fee (we have to charge due to publisher’s licensing restrictions). EveryKey chord charts give you the song in 12 keys plus a Nashville chart. On a single page the charts follow the backing track structure over easy-to-read four bar sections so you can follow along even if you don’t know the song. As well as lyrics, there is also a capo guide, strumming pattern, clearly labelled song sections and even a song arrangement structure.

Hymns! Hymns! Hymns! 10 new MultiTracks and Super Chord Charts

Hymn MultiTracks

You asked for them. We delivered.

10 hymn MultiTracks in a contemporary band style. No hymn rewrites. No hymns with added choruses or bridges. No hymns with new tunes. Simply well known hymns with a modern backing band that you can play and sing along to in church.

But these things aren’t always as straightforward as they seem.

Firstly we needed a range of hymns that are known and popular across both sides of the pond.

Secondly, even with hymns that are well known, their most popular melodies, lyrics and verse structures can differ from country to country. So it’s quite difficult to please all the people all the time!

That said, we’ve worked hard to marry up the most popular tunes and lyrics with contemporary arrangements that we hope you’ll really enjoy!

Click through to listen.

All The Hail The Power of Jesus Name
Amazing Grace
Come Thou Fount
Crown Him With Many Crowns
Fairest Lord Jesus
Holy Holy Holy
How Firm A Foundation
It Is Well With My Soul
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less (On Christ the Solid Rock)
Praise To The Lord The Almighty

Every Key Chord Charts

Don’t forget; if you need chord charts we’ve produced Every Key Chord Charts for each of these hymns (available by clicking on the song links above). These match the arrangements and chords used in our recordings exactly.
Every Key Chord Charts are much more than a regular chord chart.

All chords are neatly laid out over 4 bar sections so you can see exactly over which beats all the changes happen, verses are clearly demarcated for easy reading at a glance, there’s a song structure roadmap and even a strumming pattern for guitarists. And don’t forget you get a chart in all 12 keys so if you want to change the key you can still play along!

All in all Every Key Chord Charts are more of a cross over between chord chart and lead sheet, and all for non music readers!

New MultiTracks and EveryKey Chord Charts

New Worship MultiTracks

We’ve just launched 6 fantastic new MultiTracks. EveryKey Chord Charts are available with each track and can be found by clicking on the song links below.

The first we wanted to do was Wake by Hillsong Young and Free. it’s one of those songs that has a great vibe but is really difficult to do without running tracks in the background. So we’ve given you all the instrument sections of the original album version that you can mute, solo, mix or jump around to in the player and make as long or short a version as you like. There’s some great guitar parts to copy live as well as all the synth sections. This is well worth running if you’d like to use this song live in your worship services.

We’ve got a great version of Good Good Father, as recorded by Housefires, Chris Tomlin etc. We’ve put our version in G to make it easily singable with plenty of big and small dynamic versions of each section so the song will follow your leading.

We’ve put Elevation Church’s Only King Forever into the key of A and slightly edited the bridge and repeat sections to make them more congregationally usable.

Kari Jobe’s Only Your Love is similar too. Most of the sections work well, but we’ve added a couple of guitar parts which add to the 80’s feel of the track.

My Heart Is Yours has been taken down a tone as quite a few of the songs that come from the Passion camp are a bit high for most normal congregations.

And finally with No Longer Slaves as per lots of the Bethel songs, we’ve put it in the more usable key of Bb and shortened the arrangement to around 5 minutes. You still get all the sections with big and little dynamics but at a usable length for most normal sized congregations. Of course if you want the full 9 minute Bethel version you can loop or jump back to any of the sections within the Worship Backing Band Player

Click the links below to listen to the audio sample and to download

Good Good Father – Pat Barrett, Anthony Brown

My Heart Is Yours – Kristian Stanfill, Daniel Carson, Kristian Stanfill, Jason Ingram

No Longer Slaves (Bethel) – Jonathan David Helser, Brian Johnson, Joel Case

Only King Forever (Elevation) – Chris Brown, Mack Brock, Steven Furtick, Wady Joye

Only Your Love – Amy Davis, Ben Davis, Kari Jobe, Jason Ingram

Wake (Hillsong) – Joel Davies, Alexander Pappas, Hannah Hobbs