5 more brand new MultiTracks and Split Track backing tracks

Ramping up our backing track production schedule we have five more new tracks available now from Worship Backing Band.

These are in both MultiTrack and Split Track format:

See a Victory (Elevation)
One of Elevation Worship’s most popular songs transposed to a lower key and arranged in an order that’s easier to follow and lead for congregational singing. See a Victory with this powerful tune in your order of worship!

What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Enjoy this contemporary worship style arrangement of the traditional hymn What a Friend We Have in Jesus. The Demo Vocal provides an example of a slightly altered melody to change things up a bit, however you can also sing the traditional melody that everyone knows, and it will line up exactly with this arrangement as well.

King of Kings (Hillsong)
The lyrics to this powerful Hillsong ballad tell the story of Christ from birth, through crucifixion, to resurrection – and then climaxes in the celebration of His Church and the freedom and resurrection that lives in all of us. Praise forever to the King of Kings!

RATTLE! (Elevation)
This power-anthem, from Elevation Worship, celebrates God’s and Christ’s power over death and the miracle of resurrection. Our arrangement has been placed in a congregationally friendly key and is streamlined to make it easier to follow for band and team members.

Yes and Amen (Jesus Culture)
Yes and Amen has been recorded by so many Christian artist and worship leaders including Chris Tomlin, Bethel Worship, and Housefires. This arrangement is loosely based on the version released by Jesus Culture which featured one of the songwriters, Chris McClarney. The key has been lowered for easier congregational singing.

Listen to samples of the new tracks

Click the video button below to listen to 30 second audio samples of each of the new tracks.

About MultiTracks

MultiTracks can be played using either our own easy-to-use Transition MultiTrack Player (Mac, PC and iPad) or any DAW such as Ableton, ProTools or GarageBand. Mix, mute or solo any instrument stem, repeat any song section with a single click. They are just like working with a live band and can also be used alongside your musicians to fill out the sound.

About Split Tracks

Split Tracks are great for smaller churches on a budget. The tracks have fully adjustable vocals and come with on-screen lyrics. Split Tracks are played using any standard MP4 player such as Windows Media Player or VLC.

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Five new backing tracks

We have five brand new tracks available now from Worship Backing Band including the much requested CityAlight’s Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me. If this sells well we will include more CityAlight songs in our catalogue.

These are in both MultiTrack and Split Track format
  • Faithful Now (Vertical Worship)
    Originally sung and performed by Vertical Worship who also recorded the popular Yes I Will – this powerful worship song affirms God’s faithfulness in all things.
  • Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me (CityAlight)
    We’ve received many requests for CityAlight music, so we’re excited to add “Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me” to the Worship Backing Band library.  This easy-to-sing melody is accompanied by four verses of inspirational lyrics.
  • Great Things (Phil Wickham)
    “Great Things” is another great Phil Wickham hit with easy to sing lyrics and melody combined with a positive and encouraging message.  This arrangement follows the original recording closely, but is transposed to a more congregationally friendly key.
  • The Goodness of God (Bethel)
    Famous for his work with Chris Tomlin, this Ed Cash (and others) original is a powerhouse worship ballad sure to encourage congregational worship and singing.
  • We Praise You (Bethel)
    “We Praise You” is an uptempo praise song written by well-known worship leaders Matt Redman, Brandon Lake, Brian Johnson, and Phil Wickham. With those writers, you can’t go wrong! Your church will enjoy this catchy and easy to sing selection.

Listen to 30 second samples of the new songs in the quick video below:

MultiTracks can be played using either our own easy-to-use Transition MultiTrack Player (Mac, PC and iPad) or any DAW such as Ableton, ProTools or GarageBand. Mix, mute or solo any instrument stem, repeat any song section with a single click. They are just like working with a live band and can also be used alongside your musicians to fill out the sound.

Split Tracks are great for smaller churches on a budget. The tracks have fully adjustable vocals and come with on-screen lyrics. Split Tracks are played using any standard MP4 player such as Windows Media Player or VLC.

This batch of tracks has again been expertly produced by our friend Shawn Thomas.


10 huge new MultiTracks and Split Tracks

Brand new release of 10 huge new MultiTracks and Split Track backing tracks.

Listen to audio samples from each song in the video below.

As always we’ve tried to ensure the songs are suitable for congregations to sing whilst retaining all the essential elements of the original or popular arrangements. Here’s the info about our approach to each song:

  • The Same Jesus – Matt Redman
    A fun up-tempo praise song from well-known worship leader and songwriter, Matt Redman. This contemporary style song arrangement is a step lower than the original key for easy congregational singing.
  • Graves Into Gardens – Elevation
    Originally written and recorded by worship leader, Brandon Lake, this powerful worship anthem will bring your congregation to their feet and singing at the top of their lungs in praise. This arrangement has been transposed down from the original Elevation Worship Live version to better fit congregational voices.
  • The Blessing – Elevation
    A congregationally friendly arrangement and key of the popular worship song from Elevation Worship, Kari Jobe, and Cody Carnes. Features a simplified melody demo and a shortened song length from the original.
  • Your Name is Power – Rend Collective
    This is a key-friendly arrangement both for instruments and congregational singing, while still following the driving up-tempo feel of the original version.
  • Another in the Fire – Hillsong
    This arrangement is based on the “Studio” version from Hillsong UNITED featuring TAYA. The musical arrangement follows the original closely, but includes a simplified melody demo making it easier for a congregation to follow.
  • The Way (New Horizon) – Pat Barrett
    This arrangement of Pat Barrett’s “The Way” is closely based on the original, even keeping the same congregationally friendly key.
  • The Father’s House – Cory Asbury
    From the same songwriter who wrote and recorded “Reckless Love,” this new Bethel Music Collective song has been a hit on Christian radio, and will be a great addition for your worship team or as special music.
  • Battle Belongs – Bethel
    This song is another huge hit by Christian singer songwriter, Phil Wickman and is sure to be a staple praise song along side his well-known song, “This is Amazing Grace.” The arrangement has been transposed to fit most voices, but stays true to the original recording.
  • Raise a Hallelujah – Bethel
    This popular praise song works great as a “call and response” song between male and female vocals. The arrangement follows the original closely, but is in a more congregationally friendly key.
  • Way Maker – Leeland
    Way Maker has been recorded and arranged by a multitude of artists including Michael W. Smith and Mandisa. This arrangement is based on the Leeland version, but has been shortened slightly and transposed for better congregational singing.

About the musicians behind these tracks

For this batch of backing tracks we’ve been working with a US-based producer, Shawn Thomas. They’ve got a more American feel to the sound and we are delighted with how they have come out. Read more about the musicians below.

Shawn Thomas Studios – (vocals, instruments, production)

Shawn Thomas is a Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader based in South Florida. He began his production and recording training in 1990 under Jeff Peters of Chateau Productions (Dallas/LA), and later graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a BA in Music Industry and Recording Industry Management. He has been a voting member of the Grammy National Academy of Recording Artists and Sciences, and is a writer/publisher member of ASCAP and CCLI. Shawn is a Pride in the Arts Awards recipient for Producer of the Year.

Shanti Lashae – (vocals)

Shanti is a Christian/inspirational singer/songwriter whose talents also include playing drums and guitar.

Brian Ladd – (vocals)

Brian is a powerful vocalist with decades of service as a worship leader and pastor in various South Florida congregations.

12 new MultiTracks and Split Tracks from Worship Backing Band

We have released 12 huge new MultiTracks and Split Tracks that are sounding simply stunning.

Have a listen to the audio samples of all 12 tracks in the video below.

The songs (click on each title to buy) are:

  • You Say – Lauren Daigle, Jason Ingram, Paul Maybury
    Our congregational version of the amazing Lauren Daigle song reminding us of our worth in the sight of God
  • Resurrecting (Elevation) – Chris Brown, Mack Brock, Steven Furtick, Wade Joye, Matthews Thabo Ntele
    This arrangement has been adjusted from the original to enable a fabulous flow of worship perfect for your local church and has great dynamics as you go through the song.
  • Your Love Awakens Me – Phil Wickham, Chris Quilala
    A great up-tempo track but in a more accessible key than the original version.
  • His Mercy is More – Matt Papa, Matt Boswell
    A 6/8 hymn that is really accessible for local churches especially in this slightly lower key than the original. A great message of forgiveness.
  • Death Was Arrested – Heath Balltzglier, Brandon Coker, Adam Kersh, Paul Smith, Paul Taylor (Northpoint Church)
    A fabulous 6/8 track fully encompassing the gospel message and transposed down to the more reachable key of G.
  • Do It Again – Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, Mack Brock, Matt Redman
    From delicate verses through to a soaring bridge this track journey’s through the faithfulness of God
  • He Has Time (Common Hymnal) – Ben Hardesty, Brittney Spender, Art Hooker, Jamie MacDonald, Orlando Palmer
    Our arrangement of Common Hymnal’s most beautiful #metoo song speaking about the healing God brings to us. Definitely look into the story behind this song, it makes the song even more special.
  • Glorious Day – Jason Ingram, Kristian Stanfill, Jonathan Smith, Sean Curren
    A great band track proclaiming his salvation over us done in a more congregation friendly key of Bb
  • Living Hope – Phil Wickham, Brian Johnson
    This fantastic Phil Wickham song brings hymn structured verses with a fabulous Chorus response section
  • Who You Say I Am – Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan (Hillsong)
    An up-tempo 6/8 number with brilliantly focused Biblical lyrics.
  • Worthy of it All – Ryan Hall, David Brymer (Common Hymnal)
    Such a worshipful track and is arranged so that it retains the fluid nature of the song while keeping it concise enough for a local church setting.
  • So Will I (100 Billion X) – Joel Houston, Benjamin Hastings, Michael Fatkin (Hillsong)
    Such amazing words in this epic Hillsong track.

The songs are available as wav files for any DAW (and include a free Ableton session file) and also as Transition MultiTracks for the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player (Mac, PC and iPad).

They are also each available as a Split Track with fully adjustable vocals and on-screen lyrics that change in time with the music. These are a budget alternative to MultiTracks and great for churches without any musicians.

The Worship Backing Band backing track musicians

We reckon that this batch of tracks are the best yet and feature some extraordinarily talented musicians:

  • Matt Weeks – on production and bass duties as well as backing vocals
    Matt will be familiar to many as Musicademy’s bass course tutor but he is also a full time worship musician having worked with Chris Tomlin, Stuart Townend, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Brenton Brown, Graham Kendrick and many others
  • Nicki Rogers – vocals
    Nicki will be known to anyone who has come to any of the live Musicademy worship training days where she has taught vocals and gospel workshops. She also features on the Band Skills and Worship Leading courses.
    Nicki has recorded three critically acclaimed solo albums and was previously part of Christian pop group Shine. She’s also provided backing vocals for a number of artists on stage and screen and currently works as a vocal coach and choir leader.
  • Paul Evans – drums
    Paul also appears on a number of Musicademy courses in interviews and presenting guest lessons on the worship Drum courses. Paul replaced Stew Smith as the Delirious? Drummer in 2008 having worked as the UK’s leading worship drum session musician for many years. Paul has also played drums for worship leaders such as Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon and Cathy Burton.
  • Dan Wheeler – guitars
    Dan Wheeler has been a freelance musician since 2002, when he started playing guitar for singer-songwriters Cathy Burton and Nicki Rogers. He quickly became a regular fixture on the south coast recording scene and notched up session credits on hundreds of projects.
    Dan later branched out into other areas, releasing a number of solo projects and producing albums for artists such as Nathan Jess, Graham Kendrick and Tom Read.
    Dan currently lives near Nashville and divides his time between his recording schedule, songwriting and touring with Grammy winning artist David Phelps.
  • Dave Plumb – keys
    Dave will be known to many as he was a founding member, vocalist, producer and writer of Kingsway-singed urban pop band 29th Chapter. He and his wife Hope have also been involved in some of the live Soul Survivor albums in the UK and written tracks with Tim Hughes amongst others. Dave has sung and played on many of Worship Backing Band’s previous backing tracks as well as taken production duties.

Marie Page, co-founder and owner of Worship Backing Band manages the selection and marketing of all our backing tracks.



Songs for Easter: 82 ideas for your Easter set lists

We have compiled a list of 82 songs suitable for Easter services that we have available as MultiTracks and Split Tracks. Click the song to take you to listen to a sample or to buy.

Remember bulk buy discounts are automatically applied at the checkout for purchases of 10, 25 and 50 tracks.