Flash Sale: Backing Track DVDs

Buy one backing track DVD and get 40% off the rest

For churches wanting backing tracks on a budget you can’t get better value for money than the Worship Backing Band DVDs. And with our flash sale the price per song works out as less than a dollar (or pound) per song.

There are eight Worship Backing Band DVD volumes each containing 35 backing tracks. The tracks are in MP4 Split Track format which means they have optional and mixable vocals and also feature on-screen lyrics and mixable vocals.

With split tracks you can set the vocals at zero or all the way up to full depending on whether you have a confident lead singer.

It’s easy to rip the songs from the DVD onto your computer and then into a playlist using software such as iTunes, VLC or Windows Media Player. Once you’ve got your playlists set up you can then easily flow from song to song during a service using a laptop, iPad – even your cell phone.

Please note. Split Tracks do not work in the MultiTrack Player. For that you need MultiTracks.

How the sale works

Choose one of the DVD volumes and put that into your cart. You’ll be charged full price for that volume. You’ll then see the option to add any or all of the other volumes. These will be charged at just 60% of the normal retail price saving you 40%.

You’ll also find that our 54 song volume of Musicians Practice Tracks is available as an add-on purchase at just $12/£12 – a massive saving! You get onscreen chords and lyrics with these tracks so a great practice tool.

Note that volume 2 is now sold out.

More info

If you’d like to understand more about Split Tracks and our compilation DVDs watch the video below and click here to read more.

If you’d just like to head straight to the store to buy your DVD selection click here.

Watch how Split Track DVDs work


Click here to buy DVDs. All our Split Tracks are also available as online downloads but they are better value bundled in the DVDs. And especially better value during this flash sale!

Christmas Carol backing tracks

Carols and Christmas songs from Worship Backing Band

We have a wide selection of carols available in MultiTrack and Split Track format:

Savings on buy carol backing tracks

You get a 20% discount when you buy 10 or more carols at the same time.

Or alternately, for more savings we have a bundle of our 15 best selling carols for an even lower price.

Carols Chord Charts

Carols are often really challenging for guitarists which is why our simplified chord charts are so helpful.

We have chord charts for most of the carols. The chord chart for each song is available by clicking on the song links above.  Buy 10 or more chord charts at the same time and save 20%.

Black Friday Sale: 20% off EVERYTHING

Black Friday MultiTracks and DVDs

The Black Friday sale is on over at the Worship Backing Band website.

Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY18. This will give you a blanket 20% off any download you purchase on the Worship Backing Band site. That’s 20% off on top of the usual bundle pack discounts for MultiTracks, Chord Charts, DVDs and Split Tracks.

Do remember to put the coupon in at the checkout as we can’t retrospectively credit your discount.

Black Friday Week Sale: 20% off EVERYTHING at Worship Backing Band

Save 20% off whatever you buy this week at Worship Backing Band.

Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY17 to grab a blanket 20% off anything. And of course that is 20% off on top of the usual bundle pack discounts for MultiTracks, Chord Charts, DVDs and Split Tracks.

Remember we have a large selection of Christmas carols too so get buying now for pre-Christmas savings!

Do remember to put the coupon in at the checkout as we can’t retrospectively credit your discount.

Over at Musicademy you’ll find guaranteed savings of at least 50% off ALL DVD courses and box sets. Some are even 80% off!

PLUS if you’d prefer to download courses rather than buy DVDs use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY17 to get an extra 25% off the price of any download. We always give 25% off automatically at the checkout when you buy a full course in a single transaction but if you use the coupon this week you will get an ADDITIONAL 25% off too.

Click here to go to the Musicademy website, browse through the product options to see the sale prices.

As an extra bonus when you buy more than one DVD set you’ll get offered other DVDs at even cheaper prices! So buy DVD and you’ll see the options for other DVDs with even greater savings!

New MultiTrack, Split Track and chord chart bundle packs: great savings for the top selling songs

When you first start using MultiTracks building your library of songs can be a bit daunting.

What are the top songs churches are singing today? What is going to go down well with my congregation? What new songs are there that are being used at the conferences and my team will enjoy playing? How do I find the budget to pay for all these tracks?

Whilst the average church only uses about 70 songs a year, taking a look through the entire Worship Backing Band back catalogue can end up with you feeling like a kid in a sweetshop that only has a few coins in his pocket!

And whilst Worship Backing Band MultiTracks are still the cheapest on the market (compared to providers such as MultiTracks.com and Loop Community), the nature of MultiTracks, and the licenses we pay to sell them to you, mean that they are priced higher than a song you’d buy from iTunes to listen to on your phone.

But don’t worry – help is at hand to select not only our top selling MultiTracks, but also to save you even more money.

Our bundle packs are heavily discounted from our usual prices and include our very best selling tracks – old favourites, contemporary takes on old hymns and of course lots of the newest big songs.

And if you prefer to select your own songs, then do look at our bulk buys. With these you save increasing amounts when you buy 10, 25 or 50+ songs at a time.

Choose from the following bundle packs (click to see the songs featured):

As well as the MultiTrack bundles you will find bundles of Split Tracks and chord charts, again at discounted prices.