See our backing tracks in action [Video clip]

Multitracks in Action

[Click on the video BELOW rather than the screen grab above to watch the video!]

People often ask us to show them how our MultiTracks are used in practice. Below is a really lovely example of how a worship team are using the tracks in real life. The team are playing some of the instruments themselves, muting those stems on the Player. The other MultiTrack stems are kept in to fill the overall sound.

This example, from Church of the Holy SpiritSong in Florida, is obviously from an online service, but you get the idea of how the backing tracks could work in a live service as well. Obviously the team here already has a good mix of instruments but the backing tracks add a little more depth. If you were missing core instruments such as drums or bass the backing track’s role becomes even more crucial.

The song Way Maker is from our most recent batch of MultiTracks.