How to get the Transition MultiTrack Player onto your Mac/PC

First buy the Player on the Worship Backing Band website.

You’ll then be shown (and emailed) a link to download the Player. This is also stored in My Account/My Downloadable Products on the webstore.

Click the Mac or PC link to download. If you see a warning message (eg Windows Defender SmartScreen message) please overrule the message. On Windows you do this by clicking More info and then Run anyway.

You will then be taken through a download process. Simply click to proceed as you would with any new software.

When you open the Player you’ll see the player window. This is re-sizeable by the user but always maintains the same aspect ratio (4/3). On a Mac, it you make it full screen, it will resize to a different aspect, but the basic relationship of the elements to each other remains, just with a bit more space in between.  On Windows, the aspect is always constrained to the 4/3 aspect ratio.

If you are working on an iPad you need to purchase a separate app from the App Store.

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