New MultiTrack backing tracks

New MultiTracks

We’ve launched brand new MultiTracks of six really big songs. These are:

We’re really pleased with the production on the latest batch of tracks and hope you’ll enjoy them and make great use of them as part of your worship.

This time we’ve focused two new Matt Redman modern hymns that we think will become church staples: Abide with Me and It Is Well. As ever our focus is on congregational accessibility so we’ve taken both tracks down a tone to make them more singable for more people.

We’ve also included Touch The Sky by Hillsong United. It’s a fabulous song that lots of people want to use in church, but the album arrangement can be pretty hard to reproduce, even with a full band, so we hope the MultiTracks will help you recreate the right sounds alongside your live worship bands.

There’s also God’s Not Dead, which is one of the very few CCLI top 100 songs that was missing from the Worship Backing Band library. So we’re very pleased to record it for you all and again, we’ve taken the key down a tone to make it more singable.

Hillsong’s Peace Has Come is the first of a set of additional carols: more to be released in a couple of weeks. Peace Has Come is a great modern worship song that incorporates O Come Let Us Adore Him as it’s tag line so is perfect for connecting carols and worship songs together in your Christmas services. Enjoy!

And lastly we’ve given Bethel’s increasingly popular You Make Me Brave the Worship Backing Band treatment. The key is still the same but we’ve tweaked and shortened the arrangement to make it more accessible for more churches who don’t want super long song versions. All the song elements are there and if you do feel led to go for an extended version you can loop or jump to any song section within the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player.

Remember that you save money when buying 10 or more MultiTracks.

There are also EveryKey Chord Charts for each song. They are available by clicking on the links to the songs above.