12 new MultiTracks including Even So Come, My Lighthouse and King of My Heart

Worship Backing Band MultiTracks

Hello everyone, time for another set of Worship Backing Band tracks that we’ve just finished recording.  This month we’ve got 12 great songs; 6 recent worship songs that we think will become long term keepers and 6 hymns and modern worship classics that will be around forever. There are EveryKey Chord Charts available for each song too.

For the new songs we have:

And for the hymns and classics:

As with all our tracks, for the contemporary songs we’ve tried to keep the feel of the most well know definitive version of the song but slightly tweaked the key, the arrangement and the parts to make them playable for worship teams and most importantly, congregationally singable. We’ve written about the thinking behind these congregational arrangements here.

All in all we think our versions are actually much more usable for small to medium sized churches than the original versions!

With the hymns and classics; the more modern songs ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ and the kids songs ‘Great Big God’ just needed a solid, familiar, band style arrangement but with the hymns we’ve tried to give them a contemporary full band feel so they fit right in with all the other Worship Backing Band tracks, again with usable parts and arrangements that a worship team can learn and play along with.

So –  do check out the 30 second sample for each track as it’ll give you a good flavour of the arrangement, and if you’ve got any questions do get in touch!