Four new MultiTracks

We have four new MultiTracks available.

Four new backing track releases in MultiTrack format all recorded in singable, congregational keys.

The songs are:

  • A Thousand Hallelujahs – Brooke Ligertwood, Phil Wickham
    This was written by two of the most famous worship leaders and songwriters in the Christian Music Industry.  It is a great congregationally friendly song and a perfect example of what Brooke Ligertwood is known for from her work with Hillsong.
  • In Jesus Name (God of Possible) – Katy Nichole, Jeff Pardo, Ethan Hulse, David Spencer
    Katy Nicole was introduced to the listening world of Contemporary Christian music with this power ballad.  Its message of hope and personal lyrics make it a great choice for special music or thematic services. Based on the original recording, this arrangement is only a half step lower to place it in an easier key for instrumentalists.
  • This is Our God – Phil Wickham, Steven Furtick, Brandon Lake, Pat Barrett
     This song is one of Phil Wickham’s newest releases and joins the vast library of praise and worship songs by this artist.  Plus it’s co-written with Brandon Lake. This up tempo arrangement matches the original format, but is in a lower, more congregationally friendly key.
  • Now Here – Jake Espy, Tyler Roberts
    Red Rocks Worship is a new worship team on the CCM Charts, and “Now Here” is the song that got them there.  Set in a swing 6/8 meter, this great sing-along praise tune is super catchy – plus it has a strong message about the power of God’s presence.