Free kids backing track in both MultiTrack and Split Track format


We have 12 songs from kids worship duo Awesome Cutlery in MultiTrack and video Split Track format. This month we are giving one of these away free-of-charge. Perfect for your summer kids camps and holiday clubs.

You can watch the lyric video of the free song, We Are The Church, below.

Download the free track We Are The Church  by clicking the link. Select MultiTrack or Split Track format.

Rather than the usual plain black backgrounds with our Split Tracks, the Awesome Cutlery ones are kids-friendly with lots of fun graphics.  When you go to the tracks on the Worship Backing Band webstore you can also listen to a 30 second audio sample of the track before you buy. Watch the compilation video below:

When you purchase the Split Track you will also get the lyric video bundled with the split track audio. Each track has a downloadable lyric sheet included.

Awesome Cutlery is named after Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy, two wannabe superheroes who appear in sketches on the Awesome Cutlery albums, as well as in their live shows.


In real life, Awesome Cutlery is Gareth Loh and Dan Adams. They are both dads, church pastors and dubiously-skilled superheroes. The Awesome Cutlery songs began life as songs they wrote to sing with their children and in kids’ ministry. Since then they have released two albums and seen their songs used all over the world.


Awesome Cutlery exists to help families worship Jesus together. Their songs are designed to be sung by all ages, and this specially-selected catalogue from their two albums has been put together for use in churches. The songs cover a host of topics, including the church, prayer, God’s word, the great commission, God’s eternality, and Jesus’ return, all in a way that that everyone can sing and enjoy.

The song list (click for links to buy) is:

Find out more about Awesome Cutlery on their website.