Free MultiTrack and chord chart: Heaven’s Declaration

free-multitracksThis month’s free MultiTrack is Heavens Declaration, a wonderful pop based worship song with some unusual and refreshing chord changes that works great in MultiTrack format alongside a live band. It’s written by Mark Alan Schoolmeesters , Johan Åsgärde, Oliver Lundström and Chase Wagner (who also wrote last months free track). This is the second offering from Common Exchange, which is an online platform for songs from a growing movement that emphasizes the priesthood of all believers; that the church is a community in which everyone has a part to play, a story to tell and an idea to share. This movement is beginning to yield a growing community of worship leaders, songwriters and producers that have a desire to create worship songs that work well in smaller communities, meaning that production serves the song and not the other way around.

Familiar names on the site are United Pursuit, Aaron Keyes, Micah Massey and Stuart Townend but there are plenty of other contributors worth watching out for too including a few Brits like Matthew Macauley and even Musicademy regular, Matt Weeks.

Check out Common Exchange for the story of the song, as well as lyrics and a free downloadable chord chart.

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