Warning: September Catalina update is incompatible with our old MultiTrack Player


Mac users: Don’t upgrade to Catalina if you want to work with our old MultiTrack Player

Apple is planning a major operating system upgrade (macOS 10.15, called Catalina) in October.

With this upgrade Apple is removing a vital component that our original MultiTrack Player needs to work. If you upgrade to Catalina you will not even be able to open the old Player.

We’ve been aware of this upgrade for some time and have addressed it by creating an entirely new MultiTrack Player (called the Transition Player) which we launched recently.

The new Transition Player will work with Catalina without any issues. And it has lots of new functionality for you to enjoy as well, particularly the transition pads for moving between songs, and the simple-to-use import feature.

If you are a Mac user of our old MultiTrack software you therefore have three choices:

You can find out more about the new Transition Player by going to this page.