New Backing Track: House of the Lord (Phil Wickham)


Worship leader and song writer Phil Wickham is well known for “Battle Belongs” and “This is Amazing Grace“. His latest release is the fantastic upbeat praise song House of the Lord, co-written with Jonathan Smith.

Our Worship Backing Band arrangement is nice and congregational but creates lots of room for optional adlibs and joyful expression. Listen to a 30 second sample in the video above and Phil Wickham’s original below.

House of the Lord is released today as a MultiTrack and Split Track.

Listen to a 30 second audio sample of our backing track in the video below:

Buy the MultiTrack or Split Track for House of the Lord from Worship Backing Band

Below is the official Phil Wickham House of the Lord video:

MultiTracks can be played using either our own easy-to-use Transition MultiTrack Player (Mac, PC and iPad) or any DAW such as Ableton, ProTools or GarageBand. Mix, mute or solo any instrument stem, repeat any song section with a single click. They are just like working with a live band and can also be used alongside your musicians to fill out the sound.

Split Tracks are great for smaller churches on a budget. The tracks have fully adjustable vocals and come with on-screen lyrics. Split Tracks are played using any standard MP4 player such as Windows Media Player or VLC.