Using Worship Backing Band MultiTracks in Ableton [Video]

All our MultiTracks come with an Ableton session file. These videos will help you use Worship Backing Band MultiTracks in Ableton.

Worship Backing Band Pro Wav stems for Ableton and other DAWs

How to use Ableton: Key features, settings and controls, navigation, views, loading a track, hot keys

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Adjusting tempo, key, and volume in Ableton Live

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How to use the hot keys in the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player [Video]

Here’s a quick video showing you how to use the hot keys in the MultiTrack Player.

What are the hot keys and their functions?


  • Start  a song  – space bar
  • Emergency stop – esc


  • Loop the current song section – space bar
  • Jump to a different song section – < >  keys followed by space bar
    (note these are the arrow keys above the , and . on your keyboard, not the up and down page arrow buttons – no need to hold down the shift key)
  • Jump immediately to a different song section – < >  keys followed by G

Soloing/muting instruments

  • Solo/unsolo individual instrument stems  – keys 123456789
  • Mute/unmute individual instrument stems – qwertyuio

Tempo/key change

  • Increase or decrease tempo – A and Z keys
  • Increase or decrease the song’s key – S and Z keys


  • Select different songs in the playlist  – left and right arrow keys