The new Transition MultiTrack Player for Mac, PC and iPad is here


The new Transition Player: everything you need to know

The new Worship Backing Band Transition Player is an easy-to-use MultiTrack Player for Mac, PC and iPad. It incorporates touch screen support for devices with that functionality and can also be used with a footswitch.

It has a number of exciting new features that were not available in our old Player. Whilst based on the functionality of our iPad Player, the new Mac and PC Transition Player also allows you to import your own and third party MultiTracks.

It also comes with EIGHT free MultiTracks!

MultiTracks are designed for worship teams with missing musicians. They give the versatility of live worship even when you have few (or no) musicians.

Choose your instrument mix, adjust volumes, loop, jump and repeat song sections, change key and tempo to suit your congregation.

Import your own or third party MultiTracks

The Transition Player seamlessly integrates Worship Backing Band’s downloadable MultiTracks and the Mac and PC Players also have a new easy-to-use import function for your own or third party MultiTracks.

The importer is MUCH easier to use than the import functionality on our original MultiTrack Player. Watch the how-to video.

You can also use this function on a Mac or PC to take third party songs over to the iPad Player via iTunes.

Practise using MultiTracks

MultiTracks are also great practice tools as you can solo any instrument and listen to the professional part before joining in yourself.

Using the MultiTrack player live

Instrument stems can be muted by touching the stem name or solo’d with the S button just below it. (Watch the How To video).

You can also boost or cut any instrument stem’s volume with it’s relevant slider just like a real mixing desk.  Click on the section being played or press the space bar and it loops once.  Great, for say, repeating a chorus or click another song section and it seamlessly jumps to it when it’s ready, keeping everything in time.

One new feature is the ability to set up a default mix that uses just the stems you normally want to hear. This is useful for setting up a standard mix to work with your worship team or being able to strip back to say, just bass and drums in the middle of a song.

If you’re playing an instrument you can even jump around the song sections hands-free using any midi foot controller.

Transitioning between songs with pad sounds

The Transition Player is named after a fantastic new feature.  For seamless transitions between songs we’ve built in pad sounds that work even if your songs are in different keys.

Simply press the pad Volume Up button and you’ll hear an ambient pad sound in the key of the song currently playing. When the song ends and automatically transitions into the next one in the playlist, press the cross fade button next to it and this will cross fade into another pad in the new key of the next song.

There are two independent mixes – on the right audio channel there is the main mix for your congregation to hear and on the left there is a fold back mix for the band to hear complete with a two bar intro click, a separate full length click track, a less obtrusive shaker click and even a spoken word vocal cue which counted upcoming song sections complete with lyric cues.

The player can also play up to 8 channels of output for advanced users.

New features for preparing your worship time

You can build multiple playlists and even save and name them for future planning or for song tracking.

Unlike our old Player, with the Transition Player you can pre-set the loops and jumps before the song is played with a long press of the song section that you want to modify.

All your arrangements and mix can be saved in advance or simply tweaked on the fly during your worship set.

There’s also a group mute button, useful for setting up a standard mix to work with your worship team that can be cascaded out to every song.

Learning how to use the new MultiTrack Player

We have created helpful how-to videos to teach you how to use the new MultiTrack Player and all it’s functions.

Most users will spend about half an hour watching these videos and putting their learning into practice before being ready to use the Player live. It really is that simple!

You can find the videos on our Help Pages, here on our Blog and also on our YouTube Channel.

We’ve also provided detailed written instructions for people who prefer to learn via reading rather than watching a video.

What are MultiTracks and why are ours so good?

Each MultiTrack song contains 14 instrument stems including lead and background vocals, acoustic and two electric guitars, two keyboards, bass, drums, an extras stem with other parts to fatten up the sound and even a range of clicks and vocal cues.

Using a MultiTrack Player you can adjust the volumes of any of the instrument stems to reflect the mood and feel of your congregation, or to make up for missing musicians in your worship team.

Most other MultiTrack providers do not provide vocals. We have found that many worship teams rely heavily on our vocals stems even if they have worship leaders or singers themselves.

You can set some stems to be audible just to your worship team in their foldback (useful for lead vocals, the click track and vocal cue) whereas other stems can be heard by the congregation too.

Our vocals stems help with confidence, pitching and knowing where to come in. Background vocals also provide harmonies that many smaller worship teams don’t otherwise have.

Worship Backing Band has a large library of high quality, great value MultiTrack worship songs. All recorded by us with dynamic arrangements using real instruments in congregationally friendly keys by some of the best session musicians involved in today’s worship scene.

When you buy a MultiTrack from us you get two versions of the track. First a set of high quality compressed audio stems for use in our Mac, PC or iPad Transition Players and secondly, the studio wavs for people using a DAW such as GarageBand or Ableton. You’ll even get the Ableton session file too.

We’ve bundled EIGHT free MultiTracks with our Transition Player so that you can play with the software without any further purchases. Some of these are well known songs from people such as Graham Kendrick and some are new (but very congregational) songs that you may well want to introduce at your church.

What about our OLD PC and Mac MultiTrack Players?

We are no longer selling our older MultiTrack Player as the new Transition Player incorporates so much of the functionality our customers have been asking for.

The old Players are, however, still supported for the present time.

Please note that in September 2019, Apple will release the new Catalina update (macOS 10.15). This update will mean that the old Mac desktop version of the old Player will no longer work. If you want to go on using the old Player, DO NOT upgrade to Catalina.

As our old Player and the Transition Player are created by different developers we are unable to provide a free upgrade from one to the other. You will therefore need to purchase the new Transition Player. This comes with eight free MultiTracks PLUS our free Track of the Month. If you have previously purchased the iPad Player you’ll find an upgrade waiting for you free-of-charge in the App Store in the next few days (we are just waiting on Apple to approve the changes). You can download the eight free songs here.

What about the MultiTracks you have previously purchased from Worship Backing Band?

The Transition Mac, PC and iPad Players use MultiTracks that are compressed in a high quality audio format so they still sound great but are much smaller in size than the full studio WAV versions which you also get as part of your purchase.

You will be able to download Transition versions of each of the MultiTracks you have previously purchased from Worship Backing Band using this link.

Please do NOT put the previous Player, full studio WAVs into the Transition Player.

Where to buy the Transition MultiTrack Player

Get the Mac and PC Player as well as the MultiTracks from our website and the iPad Player at the Apple App store.

The Player and the songs are yours to keep forever, not to rent, at a great value price at

And remember you get EIGHT free MultiTracks with your purchase. These alone are worth $136 (£104).