Even more new MultiTracks including two old classics

Another fresh batch of Worship Backing Band MultiTracks is upon us. This time a couple of classics that are still incredibly popular, alongside three more recent songs.

Click below for links to the tracks:

Lord I Lift Your Name On High has been around since well before the reformation and dates way back to the ancient year 11BT (Before Tomlin) but is still firmly in the CCLI Top 50. The reason why it’s so popular is because because it’s still a great song, and much more congregationally singable than many newer tracks. If you’ve not used it for a while give it a try again, you may well find people really connect with it again in a fresh way.

God I Look To You is a really useable Bethel song and again its one we’ve tweaked and shortened the arrangement to make it more accessible for more churches who don’t want super long song versions. All the song elements are there within a succinct and accessible 4 minute arrangement, but if you do feel led to go for the full 10 minute version you can loop or jump to any song section within the Worship Backing Pro Wav MultiTrack player.

O The Blood by Kari Jobe and Gateway isn’t ‘rangey’ as a song so is really really singable by men and women in its original key of G, so we’ve left that as is but slightly tweaked the arrangement to make it as congregationally accessible.

Your Presence Is Heaven by Darlene Zschech and Israel Houghton again can be a very long song in most well known versions so needed tweaks to both the key, which is now Bb and length. Our version gets all the sections and dynamic changes but in a much more usable four minute length.

Awesome God again is another classic worship song that many, many churches still use. For our version we just do the chorus’s and not the verses which makes it more congregational and less performance orientated. There’s also lots of dynamic change in different segments to help people engage and don’t forget you can use the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack player to jump around those sections if you want to create your own version.

Don’t forget the EveryKey Chord Charts

All our chord charts use exactly the right chords for our arrangement and follow the song structure. We provide them as a zip file containing a chart for each key plus a Nashville option too. They are available by clicking on the song links above.