Free MultiTrack: The Highest and the Greatest by Tim Hughes and Nick Herbert

This month’s free MultiTrack is The Highest and the Greatest by Tim Hughes and Nick Herbert.

It’s totally free this month and you’ll get the wav files for our PC/Mac MultiTrack Player PLUS files for the new iPad MultiTrack Player.

Remember that you will need the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player or the iPad MultiTrack Player to play the track.

Free Christmas MultiTrack: Emmanuel by Matt Weeks

Free Christmas MultiTrackDecember’s free track of the month is a terrific Advent Hymn called Emmanuel, which is perfect for using as part of your worship in your Christmas services. The song is designed to be easily singable and very congregational and it even comes with the chord charts and score all free of charge!

Emmanuel is written by Matt Weeks who as well as being a producer, song writer and bass player for many of the best known worship leaders around the world, teaches all Musicademy’s bass lessons and is the bass player on Worship Backing Band’s MultiTracks.

Check out Matt’s site here.

It’s available as a free MultiTrack download for the whole of December so do check it out and put it to use this Christmas! There’s even a free chord chart to go with it.

Please note that the CCLI number for Emmanuel is 7053686.

You will need a copy of Worship Backing Band’s Mac/PC or iPad MultiTrack Player to play the backing track. MultiTrack is the simplest and least expensive solution to get a full band sound from your worship team, even if you’ve only got a couple of musicians.

Black Friday Sale: 20% off EVERYTHING

Black Friday MultiTracks and DVDs

The Black Friday sale is on over at the Worship Backing Band website.

Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY18. This will give you a blanket 20% off any download you purchase on the Worship Backing Band site. That’s 20% off on top of the usual bundle pack discounts for MultiTracks, Chord Charts, DVDs and Split Tracks.

Do remember to put the coupon in at the checkout as we can’t retrospectively credit your discount.

Why we have vocals in our backing tracks [Customer review]

vocals on tracks

Unlike most other MultiTrack and Split Track providers, Worship Backing Band has always included lead and backing vocals on its backing tracks.

Our customers love them. Here’s a review from Matthew Bessant in the UK:

“A big thank you, to WBB for including the lead vocal, trying to learn a new song and when to come in with just the instruments is a real headache.”

These cost us a lot more to produce but we find they are essential, particularly for smaller churches that either have no singers, or whose singers need a little help to know where to come in (or to stay perfectly on pitch or time).

You can choose the level of the vocals against the rest of the instruments and, with our MultiTracks, to have the vocal fed only to your band.

More information on the MultiTrack stems below:

The MultiTrack Player Stems Explained

How split tracks are used in practice [Customer review]

split track recommendation

Customer review from Matthew Bessant who runs a church in Peterborough, UK:

“The Split Tracks mean the audio and lyrics are perfectly in sync, without needing either another computer or operator to control the separate areas.

All the service material is run through a playlist on VLC. You can adjust the vocal output from the track as much as you want, and we have found this system has worked really well for us, without needing a massive team of people around to make it all work.”

Split tracks are video backing tracks with on-screen lyrics & mixable vocals. They run using free software such as VLC or iTunes and are in MP4 format. Watch the video below for more information.

You can download individual Split Tracks from the Worship Backing Band website or alternatively buy them as compilations on our DVDs.

29 new Split Tracks

Worship Split Tracks

We have just launched 29 new Split Tracks. Links as follows:

Split Tracks are simple-to-use video backing tracks in MP4 format mainly used by churches or small groups with no musicians. The tracks feature on-screen lyrics which move automatically in time with the music as well as mixable vocals. This means you can have vocals from zero to full volume depending on whether you have confident worship leaders or not.

You can use Split Tracks on a Mac, PC, tablet or even a phone without any specialist software. They simply use something like the freely available iTunes, VLC or Real Player.

Split Tracks are not MultiTracks so will not work in our Mac,PC or iPad MultiTrack players. If you want additional functionality such as key change or the ability to repeat song sections then you need the MultiTrack Player.

Information on Split Tracks in the video below or click the link here to see what is available and to buy the tracks.

Volume discounts available when you buy 10 or more Split Tracks at the same time. Further price breaks at 25 and 50 tracks.

You also benefit from great bundle discounts available when you buy ten or more Split Tracks at the same time.

New MultiTracks from Hillsong, Bethel, Elevation, Housefires and more

New Worship MultiTrack StemsWe have released a set of brand new MultiTracks featuring many of the current “big” worship songs from Hillsong, Bethel, Elevation, Housefires and more. The songs are also available as Split Tracks and have Every Key Chord Charts too.

The songs are as follows:

Behold Then Sings My Soul
Our version of Hillsong’s new take on the classic hymn. We’ve recorded it in the more congregational key of A and made it more usable as a multi track by avoiding the slowed down final verse. (We keep the feel by a clever use of dynamics but make it MUCH easier for a band to follow!)

Here As In Heaven
Our take on this Elevation Worship song includes all the dynamics and key song sections of the best known version but cuts down some of the repeated sections, long intros, outros and solos that can sometimes disengage a congregation.  Of course you can still do the full length 8 min version if you want to by repeating and looping those sections in the Worship Backing Band player.

Build My Life
We’ve reworked Housefire’s song to a congregationally-friendly length of 4.49, as opposed to the more usual 8+ mins. Of course if you would like a longer version simply use the MultiTrack Player to repeat song sections just as you would with a live band.

Chain Breaker
Here is Zach Williams’ song Chain Breaker but recorded in the more congregationally friendly key of E. You can use the MultiTrack Player to change the key if you’d like. This works well particularly if you have your own vocalists and would like to adapt the track to suit their range.

We’ve given the Worship Backing Band treatment to Chris Tomlin’s song keeping the arrangement as per the studio version but changed the key to G  to make it  more congregationally singable.

Look To The Son
We’ve kept the standard arrangement to this well known Hillsong track but taken it down a tone to the more congregationally singable key of A.

Never Gonna Stop Singing
Newer worship songs like this Jesus Culture track often have EDM based arrangements, with parts that can be difficult to reproduce live. But because we’ve taken time to put each element into a playable instrument part, the MultiTrack stems are much easier for your worship team to learn and play along to.

Our take on this Bethel/Essential song includes all the key song sections but cuts out some of the repeats and links to become a more congregationally friendly 4.45 minute arrangement. Of course you can still do the full length 8 min version if you want to by repeating and looping those sections in the Worship Backing Band player.

Reckless Love
For our version of this Corey Asbury/Bethel track we’ve mixed the best elements of the definitive studio and live versions to give you an arrangement that works well for all manner of congregational settings.

What format are the new songs in

The songs are in MultiTrack/WAV format. As always the MultiTracks come pre-configured for our own Worship Backing Band PC and Mac MultiTrack Player as well as a set of stems for our iPad Player. There is also an Ableton Session File for people using a DAW.

There are also Split Tracks available for non MultiTrack users.

There is also an EveryKey Chord Chart available for each song.

Are there savings for bulk buys?


When you buy 10 or more MultiTracks at the same time a bulk buy discount is applied at the checkout.

Where can I see a full song list?

There is a complete list of Worship Backing Band songs and formats here and also a printable list here.

Worship Backing Band master song list: download and print!

Worship Backing Band Master Song List

Fed up trudging through the website looking for MultiTracks and Chord Charts?

Not sure you have all the Worship Backing Band repertoire in your collection?

We’ve made it super-easy for you with a downloadable and printable list of all our backing tracks and chord charts.

The list includes links to all the tracks and details the format each song is available in.

Click here to view, download or print the list.