Free Christmas MultiTrack: God’s Baby

We are delighted to offer a new original Christmas worship song as the free MultiTrack for December.

God’s Baby is written by Lori Pethes Anderson and is sung by Mia Koehne. The song comes from Tree Hill Collective’s album Behold Your King. There is a free simple chord chart available with the song.

Please note that this track is ONLY configured for Worship Backing Band’s new Mac/PC or iPad Transition MultiTrack Player rather than full WAVs for other DAWs.

Looking for other Christmas songs and carols?

We have a large selection of backing tracks suitable for your Christmas services. See the full listing here.

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Christmas Carol backing tracks

Carols and Christmas songs from Worship Backing Band

We have a wide selection of carols available in MultiTrack and Split Track format:

Savings on buy carol backing tracks

You get a 20% discount when you buy 10 or more carols at the same time.

Or alternately, for more savings we have a bundle of our 15 best selling carols for an even lower price.

Carols Chord Charts

Carols are often really challenging for guitarists which is why our simplified chord charts are so helpful.

We have chord charts for most of the carols. The chord chart for each song is available by clicking on the song links above.  Buy 10 or more chord charts at the same time and save 20%.

Free MultiTrack: Extravagant Worship

This month the free MultiTrack is Extravagant Worship by Vicky Beeching.

Our version of this classic song comes complete with a fabulous instrumental section and guitar solo. There is also a Super Chord Chart to go with the song which is in E.

Unless you are confident with using a DAW such as Ableton, you will need a copy of Worship Backing Band’s new Mac/PC or iPad Transition MultiTrack Player to play the backing track. MultiTracks are the simplest and least expensive solution to get a full band sound from your worship team, even if you’ve only got a couple of musicians.

Warning: September Catalina update is incompatible with our old MultiTrack Player

Mac users: Don’t upgrade to Catalina if you want to work with our old MultiTrack Player

Apple is planning a major operating system upgrade (macOS 10.15, called Catalina) in October.

With this upgrade Apple is removing a vital component that our original MultiTrack Player needs to work. If you upgrade to Catalina you will not even be able to open the old Player.

We’ve been aware of this upgrade for some time and have addressed it by creating an entirely new MultiTrack Player (called the Transition Player) which we launched recently.

The new Transition Player will work with Catalina without any issues. And it has lots of new functionality for you to enjoy as well, particularly the transition pads for moving between songs, and the simple-to-use import feature.

If you are a Mac user of our old MultiTrack software you therefore have three choices:

You can find out more about the new Transition Player by going to this page.

Free MultiTrack: All Over the World by Matt Redman and Martin Smith

October’s free MultiTrack is Martin Smith and Matt Redman’s All Over The World. It is an example of a great congregational song that never quite hit the radar of many churches. Taken from Matt’s Beautiful News Album, the theme explores God’s greatness and the declarative lyrics match really well with the strong, up tempo feel.

Unless you are confident with using a DAW such as Ableton, you will need a copy of Worship Backing Band’s Mac/PC or iPad MultiTrack Player to play the backing track. MultiTrack is the simplest and least expensive solution to get a full band sound from your worship team, even if you’ve only got a couple of musicians.

Hymns! 8 new MultiTracks from David Woodman

We are delighted to have released eight new MultiTracks and Split Tracks that are contemporary arrangements of classic hymns. Arranged and recorded by our friend David Woodman, they are taken from David’s new album, Hymnal.

The hymns available are:

About the arrangements

  • All For You (Take My Life)
    A new worship song with an acoustic feel (including cello and hammered dulcimer) based on Take My Life And Let It Be by Frances Havergal.
  • All People That on Earth do Dwell (Doxology)
    An up-tempo praise song which works really well at the start of sung worship; this arrangement combines 2 well-known hymns: All People That On Earth Do Dwell and Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow to the tune Old Hundredth by Louis Bourgeois.
  • Come Let us Sing (Wonderful Love)
    A gentle hymn with a missional edge with a new coda focussing on the wonderful love of Jesus.
  • Here is Love (Amazing Love)
    This well-loved hymn is often reduced to 2 verses, as the language in the other verses was a little archaic. David Woodman has modernised the lyrics and added a coda to give a more contemporary feel.
  • O The Blood of Jesus
    This traditional gospel hymn has been given some extra verses and a bluesy feel.
  • Teach Me My God and King (Breath of God)
    The original 400-year-old lyrics to this hymn are difficult for a modern congregation to engage with, but the core theme (of worship being a lifestyle not just singing songs) is timeless. David Woodman has modernised the lyrics and added a chorus emphasising the 24/7 life of worship that we are called to live.
  • The King of Love
    This traditional hymn set to the tune St Columba has been given a Celtic feel and builds to a resounding note of praise.
  • When I Survey
    This is surely one of the most popular hymns ever written. Whilst most versions are reflective, focussed on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, this up-tempo arrangement takes its cue from the hymn’s final lines: “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all,” encouraging us to live whole-heartedly for Jesus.

Formats available

The hymns are available in MultiTrack and Split Track format. When you purchase either the MultiTrack or Split Track you also get a free chord chart.

Note that the MultiTracks are NOT configured for our OLD MultiTrack Player. When you buy the MultiTrack you get two versions:

  • The Transition Track for our new Mac/PC/iPad Transition MultiTrack Player
  • The studio Wav files for a DAW such as Ableton (+ you’ll get an Ableton session file configured for Ableton 10.1 onwards)

If you have our old MultiTrack Player you will need to purchase the Transition Player in order to play this song.

About David Woodman

David Woodman is a worship leader and songwriter based in Manchester, UK, where he is also part of the leadership team of Bury Christian Fellowship.
David has also worked as a session musician for many years, including on projects for the Worldwide Message Tribe and Spring Harvest amongst many others.

His most recent album, Hymnal, features his arrangements of classic hymns.
“I’ve been leading worship in various places for 30 years I guess,” David explains, “and I’ve always tried to include more traditional hymns alongside contemporary songs. They often have such a depth to the lyrics. along with memorable tunes that congregations can sing easily. The problem can sometimes be that we arrange and perform them in a way that makes them seem old-fashioned. I’ve always tried to freshen the arrangements up, and the positive response from people has been really encouraging, so I felt it was time to record them and hopefully see other churches use them.”

David plays most of the instruments on the album, but bass was provided by Frank Brierley (an experienced session musician who played for Mike Batt on several projects). Producer Andy Green played keyboards and mixed the album.
“It’s such a privilege to get to do this kind of thing with good friends. Frank and Andy are excellent musicians and we love to play together and laugh along the way. I also wanted to suggest a congregational vibe, so we also had our friends and family join us for a group vocal session, which I found really moving.”

For further information or to buy David’s music, please visit


How do I buy the iPad, Mac and PC Transition MultiTrack Player?

You purchase the PC/Mac Transition Player on the Worship Backing Band website.

You’ll then be shown (and emailed) a link to download the Player. This is also stored in My Account/My Downloadable Products on the webstore.

Click the Mac or PC link to download. If you see a warning message (eg Windows Defender SmartScreen message) please overrule the message. On Windows you do this by clicking More info and then Run anyway.

You will then be taken through a download process. Simply click to proceed as you would with any new software.

When you open the Player you’ll see the player window. This is re-sizeable by the user but always maintains the same aspect ratio (4/3). On a Mac, it you make it full screen, it will resize to a different aspect, but the basic relationship of the elements to each other remains, just with a bit more space in between. On Windows, the aspect is always constrained to the 4/3 aspect ratio.

iPad Transition Player

You have to buy the iPad Player from the App Store. Click Here

Note that iCloud Drive MUST be enabled to download and use the Player.

You cannot sync between the PC/Mac and iPad Players and these are separate purchases (i.e. you get both Mac and PC in the single Worship Backing Band website purchase but you will need to separately and additionally purchase the iPad Player from the App store.)

Free MultiTrack: Psalm 62 by Stuart Townend and Aaron Keyes

This month you are in for a real treat. Stuart Townend and Aaron Keyes’ contemporay hymn My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone, taken from Psalm 62, is always really popular and is free for the month of September.

Unless you are confident with using a DAW such as Ableton, you will need a copy of Worship Backing Band’s Mac/PC or iPad MultiTrack Player to play the backing track. MultiTrack is the simplest and least expensive solution to get a full band sound from your worship team, even if you’ve only got a couple of musicians.

The new Transition MultiTrack Player for Mac, PC and iPad is here

The new Transition Player: everything you need to know

The new Worship Backing Band Transition Player is an easy-to-use MultiTrack Player for Mac, PC and iPad. It incorporates touch screen support for devices with that functionality and can also be used with a footswitch.

It has a number of exciting new features that were not available in our old Player. Whilst based on the functionality of our iPad Player, the new Mac and PC Transition Player also allows you to import your own and third party MultiTracks.

It also comes with EIGHT free MultiTracks!

MultiTracks are designed for worship teams with missing musicians. They give the versatility of live worship even when you have few (or no) musicians.

Choose your instrument mix, adjust volumes, loop, jump and repeat song sections, change key and tempo to suit your congregation.

Import your own or third party MultiTracks

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