Using Worship Backing Band for Livestreaming Songs


Our Split Tracks whether individual download or our compilation DVDs are perfect for use in your livestreams.

Split Tracks are low cost MP4 backing tracks that come with onscreen words as well as music and vocals (most backing track providers do not include vocals which is a bit of a struggle when you are trying to lead online worship with them!)

You will therefore not need to use Easy Worship or some other method of sharing the song words when you are using Split Tracks.

All you do is load the computer that is hosting the service with the songs you want to do (you can use iTunes, VLC or any other free media player), share the screen in your streaming software (eg Zoom) and then hit play. Your song will start and your online congregation can sing along (it’s best if they are muted as none of the online platforms really cope very well with everyone singing or speaking at the same time).

You can even embed Split Tracks into Powerpoint (just Google how to embed an MP4).

Do ensure that the settings on your broadcasting platform (Zoom or similar) are set to share the computer’s audio.

What about licensing?

We are being inundated right now with questions about permissions for live streaming using our MultiTracks and Split Tracks.

As Worship Backing Band we are very happy for you to use our tracks for live streaming. We simply ask that you provide a link on your website to by way of recognition that the tracks are ours.

BUT please be aware that Worship Backing Band is not the song writer or ‘publisher’ of the songs. We have simply re-recorded them. Whenever we sell as track we pay a license fee ourselves (this is generally 20% of the retail fee) to the publisher who then passes a percentage of that to the song writer. This is explained in this article.

Use of our tracks in real life

For use live in church you simply need a Church Copyright License from CCLI and you report the song use just as you would with a live band.

Use of our tracks for live streaming

CCLI has a streaming licence (US link) (UK link) which you are likely to need to live stream any worship whether using our backing tracks or not. So please ensure you are compliant with that. CCLI has different offices in different countries as the law is different depending on where in the world you are. Do ensure you are looking at your local CCLI website.

Our understanding is that for services such as YouTube, the host (YT) has sophisticated scanning technology that scans any audio and allocates any ad revenue from your broadcast to the appropriate publisher for non live-streamed content. But if you are streaming on YouTube you will need a CCLI license (please check with CCLI). Facebook Live does tend to cut off live broadcasts when a copywritten song is played that the FB Page in question does not own (although it does not seem as good as YT at recognising worship songs). We are still not clear how your CCLI Streaming License is known about by Facebook so do be aware of these potential pitfalls with FB Live.

If you are using Zoom or hosting YouTube videos on your website (and you are in the UK), you will need a PRS license. This article from CCLI explains more.

Further information from CCLI on licensing, including their Streaming License is available here.

Please also provide a link on your website to in order to credit us for the tracks.


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