Using Worship Backing Band for online services? Do you have CCLI’s Streaming Plus License?

CCLI Streaming Plus Licence

You now need the CCLI Streaming Plus Licence to use our backing tracks for online services

With the explosion of online services in the last year, CCLI has introduced a new licence, the Streaming Plus licence to cover MultiTracks and Split Tracks. It’s an enhancement of the previous Streaming licence.

If you are using Worship Backing Band MultiTracks or Split Tracks for online services (or have done so over the last year) please do ask your church CCLI administrator to check that your church has the Streaming Plus licence.

This is a different licence to the Streaming licence that was in place the last time we reported on this in 2020.

This is a helpful guide to reporting, see also the video below. You’ll find all our MultiTracks and Split Tracks listed in the CCLI catalogue under the name Worship Backing Band.

We also ask you to provide a clickable link on your website (it doesn’t need to be anywhere prominent) to in order to credit us for the tracks.